Suicide Awareness



Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Phone: 1-800-273-8255


A girl came home from school after another horrible day. She went to her room, closed the door, and took the suicide note she had rewritten many times, razor blades, and cut herself for the very last time. She also grabbed a bottle of pills and took them all. Laying down, holding the letter to her chest, she closed her eyes for the very last time.

A few hours later, her little brother knocked on her door to tell her dinner was ready. She did not answer, so he walked in. He saw her sister laying on her bed, and thought she were asleep. The mother went to her room to wake her up, grabbed the note and read it. Sobbing, the mother tried to wake her up screaming her daughter’s name. The brother told his father “Mommy is crying, and sissy does not wake up.” The father ran to her room, looked at the mother, crying, holding the note to her chest, sitting next to the daughter’s corpse, and he started to cry.

The next day at school, the principal told everyone about the suicide, and everyone went silent blaming themselves. The teachers thought they were too hard on her, and the mean popular girls thought of what they have said to her. The boy that teased her hated himself for his bullying. Her ex-boyfriend broke down and began crying, and her friends were sobbing too, wondering how they could have helped her before it was too late. Her best friend was in shock, because she knew the friend’s plight, but never realized its course. Shaking and screaming, the best friend sank to the floor . . .

The whole town came to the funeral. Everyone cried and shared the deceased’s good memories, but her little brother did not realize the suicide for he was too young, and his parents just told him his sister had died. She was his big sister and best friend. He stayed strong through the entire service, but when the casket was lowered into the ground… he lost himself and cried for days.

Two years later, all teachers quit their job, and the mean girls had eating disorders.  The bully boy cut himself, and the ex-boyfriend became promiscuous.  The friends fell into depression, and the best friend attempted suicide.  The brother finally realized the suicide and fell into depression and acute anxiety. The parents’ marriage fell apart, the father became a workaholic, and the mother was diagnosed with depression.

Suicide ends a life and hurts caring people. If you feel suicidal and are in the United States of America, call for help Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.


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