Underground Churches in China


Why there is contagious Piety on underground churches in China and pervasive Apostasy in the free world?  There’s abundant Pride in the West and deep Humility in those churches.  Poverty in Spirit and Poor in Spirit mean:

  1. A radical understanding of dependence on God.
  2. Often accompanies material poverty.
  3. The inherent limitations that every person faces in daily life.
  4. The acknowledgement we have limited control over our lives.
  5. The acceptance of disappointment, pain, suffering and death.
  6. A fundamental reliance on God.
  7. Paramount to spiritual life.

There are crowds of young people in the persecuted churches and scarcity in free churches ― a religious paradox.  Karl Marx wrote that religion is the opium of the people. Are those Chinese worshippers on drugs?  With due respect to the philosopher Karl Marx, I do think the worshippers are filled with the Holy Spirit and Apostasy is the opium of the people.  The Holy Spirit empowers and leads us to Heaven and Apostasy enslaves and leads us to Hell.  Consult the Gifts Package.

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