Christ Mentions the Warning






Christ mentioned the Warning to Luz de María on His message of September 28, 2017.


The Warning should find you repented of your sins but many people are waiting for the Warning or its early signs to repent.  Do not wait, repent now!

You will not escape this act of God’s Will and will face your sins and examine your life — good and bad actions. The Warning will last an instant, though for everybody will appear unending because of the great suffering they will endure. The Warning is to examine your souls and live by God’s Will.  Some people will rebel vehemently and blame Me for the pain they endured, but the Warning is heavenly mercy, and people can freely accept or reject God’s Will.



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  1. Jack says:

    “Singing ԝorship songs is sweet but that’s not the only strategy to woгshір,” Daԁdy saіd, mayƄe to make Larry cease singing.
    There are other forms of worship.

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