Pope Peter II Coming Soon


Pedro Regis, whose reported messages have his Bishop’s published recognition, reported Our Lady saying:


A time of great tribulation has come. The Church will live moments of great affliction and faithful people will weep and lament.  Bend your knees in prayer to have the courage of John Baptist.  Defend without fear the true doctrine.  Whatever happens, do not allow the flame of your faith to be extinguished within you.  My Jesus will not abandon His Church.  The Cross will be heavy and many consecrated souls will suffer death, but by the grace of my Jesus, a man of faith will come forth who will take the church to his final victory. [Pope Peter II] Everything I have announced to you in the past will occur, but in the end there will come to the elect a great and joyous victory.


The article Our Lady of Anguera and Petrus Romanus, linked below, also contains pertinent information of the Blessed Mother about the future Pope Peter II.


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