Warning Process



Christ to Luz de Maria 

September 28, 2017

The Warning, my people ought to find you having repented of evil committed, yet I see so many who are waiting for the warning or the signs prior to it in order to convert …

This is the instant; conversion must be now! Repentance must not wait.

During the Warning, every human creature will confront their sins; they will see their whole life, with its strengths and failures, being unable to escape this act of Our Will.  The Warning will last for instances, yet for each one of you it will seem endless times because of the great suffering that you will experience. The Warning is not to alert you, but so that you see yourselves and so that the soul and the spirit undertake the return to life in Our Will. Even once the Warning has passed, I will find human creatures that will rebel more forcefully against me, blaming me for the pain they have undergone.

The Warning is mercy from my house, but once it has passed, free will shall decide whether to continue in disobedience to Divine Love or to adhere to Our Will.


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