Excerpt of a message Christ has given to Luz de María on October 27, 2017.




The Signs of this instant do not wait.  Live the good, reproduce the good and give My Love to those who lack it.  The man has distorted the word “love”, has given it a worldly meaning, immoral and completely distorted.

You who make up My People, do you know what I’m talking about?

As part of Humanity you have to unite, My children, to live each act or work in depth so that you do not become contaminated and for that you have to invite Me to act and act in you.

The Warning is about man, it is My Great act of Mercy for Humanity, it is the opportunity for them to look at themselves and find the True Path to Eternal Salvation.

My beloved ones, you hear that in different parts of the world there are events of nature that previously did not occur as often as they happen at this moment. It is because of man is sinning without stopping.

Thus, man finds himself without peace, agitated by the speed and madness of everyday life and influenced by the great action of the sun and undoubtedly by the acceptance of Satan in the lives of those who surrender to him.

The civil revolts will be more continuous, without apparent motives. Humanity will not feel safe where they are because man has less and wants more.



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