God’s Wrath over America






“You look at your stock markets and you say all is doing well. You take matters into your own hands and you say you will achieve success. On the day that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, all seemed well in the valley of dry bones because man had come into his own revelation of what life should be all about. And they forgot one major factor, that the great I am, the creator of the universe and the one in charge of all eternity was watching the outright rebellion against what I say is right and what I say is wrong.

Do you really think I could sit on my throne in heaven and overlook the sins of mankind with all the rebellion against My heart and word? Do you think you can make light of My heart and My commandments? And say you have risen above My word? Have you decided that you’re the one running the show? Do you want to take it upon yourself to make your own rules and regulations apart from Me, the one who created you?

I created you. You did not create Me. So where do you think you stand justified in making up your own rules? I tell you that you are not justified and you will be judged accordingly. So too in the days of Noah, all was well except for one thing. The earth was about to burst open and saturate the land with water. Again it will, as if a wave overtakes you, but this time, the flooding will not destroy the entire earth. You will be hit with overflowing waters and the earth will break open in a vengeance against those who say they have no reason to believe in a God or His rules. You will be overtaken, just like in the days of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah. They never knew what hit them. They were just destroyed in a moment of time.

You might want to think about leaving the cities of sin and moving to the mountains, where you will find refuge. It is time for my wrath to begin against evil and California, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, and many other places will feel my wrath. I must destroy evil. I have no choice but to destroy evil.

You think all is well. I say it is not. It is only well with My people who are called by My name, who have humble themselves and prayed and turned from their wicked ways to seek My faces. Only they will be led to safety while the rest of the world pays the eternal price for their rebellion against a father who loves them with all His heart and yet they walked the other way and followed a fallen angel who seeks only to destroy your very soul.

Woe unto the world for her sin, for her sin of not accepting the sacrifice of My Son.”

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