America in Distress






God has chastised America with hurricanes to reflect on The Meaning of Life  and seek spirituality, but America has continued evil ways and ignored our Almighty Father.  He will chastise us again with earthquakes and tsunamis that will reconfigure our territory.  Will we then return to God?

God has intervened in the Presidential Election of 2016 to prevent American damnation by The Antichrist, but liberals conspire to assassinate our president, create civil unrest, and surrender America to The Antichrist.  He will never govern the land of the free and the home of the brave ― God rejects him and America rejects another Benedict Arnold!

The elected president, Donald Trump, won 37 of the 50 American states ― 74% of the electorate!  We should respect our democratic process and cooperate with our president while he is in office.

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