Father’s Warning


The article presents highlighted extracts of the article Father’s Warning, published on jesusmariasite.org, on November 27, 2017.


In the middle of the Schism, the war and the economic crisis My Father’s Warning will come. It is urgent to evangelize on the issue.

Take advantage of the technology of this world and put it at the service of Heaven, so that through it, you evangelize all those children who do not know, and who have no idea of the arrival of the Warning.

Little children, be prepared, for the Holy Spirit of God will soon touch the doors of your souls, to take you to eternity.

Again I say into you, make good confessions of life, receive as much as you can the Body and the Blood of my Son; be alert and vigilant with your lamps lit with prayer, so that when My Son arrives, He finds you awake, that you open Him the door and dine with Him.


Yes, Blessed Mother, we have evangelized about the Warning under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Consult the article Beware of the Warning.  Pray to the Holy Spirit to pour His Gifts upon you ― to operate in you and trough you ― to increase your Spiritual Growth. Consult the Gifts Package.

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