Turn to The Eternal Father


This is a message of The Eternal Father given to The Little Pebble on January 7, 2018.


THE ETERNAL FATHER: Blessings to you, My beloved son in whom I am well pleased! I Bless all My children throughout the whole world: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“As you can see, the temperatures in the Southern and Northern Hemispheres are very extreme, because these are signs that the beginning of the Great Tribulation has begun, which will accelerate this year and the coming year of 2019, because men’s hearts have grown cold and have placed Me aside. Make this year one of Reconciliation with your brothers and sisters.”

“In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I AM WHO I AM – The Alpha and Omega! I am a God of Mercy, Compassion, Love, Forgiveness and Justice. Men must turn to me now, because My Justice is falling. I seek only the salvation of My children, yet men ignore Me, as they continue on their merry way, seeking only pleasures – similar to the time of the dark ages, where the Aristocrats and the Royal Houses danced and displayed all types of atrocities and shameful abuses, while their people starved and many perished. This is being repeated again – where the faith was ‘lackadaisical’ – and the sins of immorality took over Christendom.”

“It is not only the children of the world, but within My Divine Son’s House upon Earth, the Church has become like a ‘white sepulchre’ – all rotten inside – like the Temple of Jerusalem, when My Divine Lamb was sacrificed and murdered by the Sanhedrin of Old. [It’s the same today.]”

“The dark clouds hang low over Rome, My sweet children and soon, the Earth will quake and fire shall gutter parts of the Holy City and Holy Artifacts will be destroyed. The Holy Temple shall be wrenched from top to bottom, as a reminder of how the Old Temple was not spared, when they judged My Divine Son, Jesus.”

“The evil Sects and the faction of Islam, not aligned with the True Teaching of Abraham and Moses, will ransack all that was Holy and bring terrorism into the eternal city; bringing fire and killing many. The Great Volcanoes of Italy will burst and bring great sorrow to the land that once was the Pride of Christendom.”

“Turkey will invade, once again, the shores of the Christian world, to bring Islamic fanatical teachings, to draw out the Word of My Divine Son, Jesus.”

“The Volcanoes of Iceland and Indonesia will level the lands, with many casualties.”

“The Island of Bali will sink, because sin abides gravely in this land made only for pleasure.”

“A great Island City will feel the heat from above and explode. England will suffer with more terrorism – it would seem war has broken out.”

“Marseille and Paris will again be targeted, because the French Government and its people have allowed false gods to rule it and replace Christ.”

“You see, My children, your Eternal Father, Who Created you out of Love and offered you a perfect Kingdom with Him, is very angry, as you have chosen rather to accept the invitation to death and destruction, simply because the enticement of the flesh and power and mammon offered to you by Satan, is more pleasing to you. But I, as your Father, love you and must send down these terrible chastisements, to bring you to your senses. Do you need the fires from Heaven to finally turn your hearts around?”

“You who are parents, have grave responsibility before Me, to raise your children to love and serve their God – yet most of you do not even speak of Me, but only of worldly matters. But those parents who know the Truth, know how the Father feels when they see their own children drift away from them.”

“Turn away from sin, My children. Pray at least one Rosary a day. Think about the existence of Eternity, as Eternity will one day be at your door. Will it be Heaven with Me? These in Heaven – your family – the Angels, a life of eternal bliss, never wanting anything again. No death, no aging – only happiness. Or will you go first to Purgatory, a place where you will be purged and cleansed, preparing you for Heaven? – But you should never seek Purgatory, only Heaven. Or do you choose Hell, a place where you will be separated from Me and those you love, for Eternity. Hell is a true place, My precious children. It is not My Will to place you there – you choose it freely.”

“Spend time in reading about Me and the wonderful stories of Truth in the Book of the Word of God – the Holy Bible and the other Holy Books. Reduce your time before the Television – give your soul to drink of the Holy things, which feed the soul. Reflect children now! Truly spend a moment of your time and say to yourself: “What am I doing – where am I going – do I have a future – what needs to be changed?”

“Call on Me – I am always there waiting for you to call Me. I am not a grumpy old man, sweet children, but a Loving and caring Father – much more than an Earthly Father or Mother.”

“Turn back the ‘clock of time’, as the Tribulation now falls and many men will be taken. Men believe that the Great War will not come, as it is so quiet. No, My children, when you least expect it, then it will leash out. Your world is dying, My children, as it waits for the arrival of My Divine Son, Jesus, to renew it and bring forth the New Era, the New World and Heaven.”

“Today, as the Three Wise Kings come to worship the Great Miracle of the Word made Flesh, and offer the King of Kings simple gifts, so too, the Kings will now travel the Earth and give special Gifts from My House in Heaven, as a celebration for these Great Events of history – a Gift for every man, woman and child – each according to their works and good deeds. For I say, Peace to all men of good will, regardless of Creed, Colour or Race.”

“I Bless you, with My Divine Infant Son, Jesus, with Our Spirit of Love and Peace. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

Your Eternal Father +


This is a really serious message of The Eternal Father, because we are the generation of Christ Second Coming at the beginning of The Great Tribulation.

I turn to the Holy Spirit for a Word of Wisdom, because it is a daunting task to comment The Eternal Father’s message.

“Remind your brethren the Parable of the Prodigal Son, and exhort them to Turn to the Eternal Father as the Prodigal Son returned to his earthy father.”

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