Satan Runs American Schools


The First Lady Melania Trump is discussing cyberbullying with social media executives and she also might discuss other themes to help children.  The lady was born in Slovenia, lived her formative years there, and is popular and indisputably smart.  I do believe she can offer an independent perspective on cyberbullying, and also advance to related topics.

I’m not an expert in cyberbullying but do understand bullying in general. I was born in Portugal and lived, due to circumstances apparently beyond my control, as an emotional disturbed child and teenager.  Bulling pierces the soul of the victim and may ultimately lead him or her to depression, anxiety and even further to homicide or suicide.

I was stunned when I started to her about bullying through American TV Outlets. The reporters seem to reverse the roles of the bully and the victim. For example, “the teen has committed suicide because he was a loner and every peer picked on him or her.”   I wondered if there was a child psychologist who could straighten the distorted thoughts of TV reporters.  The First Lady would render a great service to her adopted country if she could define bullying in America.

It is not confined to social media, but expands to the classroom and may have disastrous manifestations in school yards. Bullying can also exist among adults, but I’m now restricting it till grade 12.  Victims of bullying tend by nature to be withdrawn, intelligent and industrious, but bullying can definitely hurt the academic performance of  victims in particular, but also perpetrators and the academic community in general ― hurting the potential benefits of municipalities’ academic budgets.

Bully students carry evil into schools because without respect they do not love thy neighbor, Satan replaces God in them, and therefore demons use bullying to attain specific objectives. Satan is running schools in America to create evil and to rejoice with carnages.  America excels in physical power, but definitely lacks spiritual power.

I have written the article Return God to School in the wake of a massacre in an elementary school in America:

The massacre in an elementary school in Newtown, CT, USA, on Friday, December 14, 2012, made international news and caused grief worldwide. The death of 20 children, ages 6 and 7, has caused great sorrow expressed in candlelight vigils and interfaith religious services in the US. The criminal, 20, a graduate of the school, also gunned down six staff members heralded heroes, because they died to save children.

America has expelled God from school and extended the red carpet for Satan to come in. There is no vacuum in spirituality ― in a given space at a given time rules either God or Satan, but never both of them.  Satan did not enter the American school to get an education, ― he is supernatural ― therefore, more intelligent and knowledgeable than any human being.  He did enter, with the consent of American authorities, to cause havoc leading to chaos.

I wished the First Lady addressed the Return of God to School to dissipate some of American Woes.  Then we could rebuild America from a solid foundation to turn our country a beacon of light to a distressed world.  I urge the reader to complement this article with Return God to School.  Click on the following link to retrieve the article.

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