Little Pebble’s Deliverance



27TH MARCH 2018

ETERNAL FATHER: “My beloved child, daughter of My Heart: I grieve for your country, Australia, as it has denied the Commandments of their God. I gave Ten Commandments to Moses and My people to withstand all things to the end of time, which will happen now, as My Hand has now fallen. The world will soon be no more.”

“My little Prophet, the Little Rock of My Heart, has been so persecuted by many, as My Beloved Son was. Must I watch again as they accuse him of many things that are not there? Woe betides these people! But, My children, I ask that you pray for them, for they are still My children, even though they hurt Me so.”

“Now I ask you, My little daughter, to say to the Politicians: What have you done, by passing such a Law as “Same Sex Marriage”? This is an abomination to Me, My children.”

“I Created man first and then Eve as a helpmate to man and then told them to go and multiply. But you have said “No” to Me, your God.”

“It is not only Australia, but also many other countries that have done similar things.”

“You will behold the Wrath of God and maybe then you will kneel down and worship your God.”

“I know, dear daughter, this has been hard for you and My beloved son, William, but shortly he will be released from the powers that are.”

“I Bless you both: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. +++

Your Eternal Father, with much Love.


The Eternal Father spoke to humanity through an Australian prophetess. The Australian elite defied God, engendered a heavy persecution and endanger William Costellia, The Little Pebble anointed of God, who will lead the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ as Pope Peter II.  The Eternal Father will vindicate him and asks us to pray for his foes because Jesus has come to the world to avail salvation to everybody. God wants to save all His children.

The Little Pebble will cooperate with the Blessed Mother to crush the serpent’s head and renew the Remnant Catholic Church.  Time is running fast, so seek Conversion, Penance and Prayer to prepare your lllumination of Conscience.

The Almighty Father confirms Christ Second Coming is nigh and His contempt for “Same Sex Marriage,” because He made Adam and Eve instead of Adam and Steve.


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