Focus on God’s Love



This is an invaluable video for this generation to focus on God’s Love. If we focus on contemporary world events, we develop stress and may succumb to Anxiety and Depression.  We must keep our sight on the invaluable prize ― the Kingdom of God.

The Holy Spirit has commissioned me as Messenger for the End Times, and therefore I must be careful to avoid satanic influence in my writings ― avoid gloom and doom and write about saving souls ― God has advised me twice through prophets.  I have changed direction to return to the route the Holy Spirit traced for me.

The Spirit of God is currently inspiring me when my mind is in the twilight zone, primarily when I’m waking for another day. For example, this morning the Holy Spirit commanded me as follows:

“Manuel, write a gentle article about Agnostics and Atheists and the upcoming Illumination of Conscience.” I will write so Lord!

The article Interaction with the Holy Spirit narrates my first vivid encounter with the Holy Spirit when He clearly asserted “your suffering is your treasure”, which parallels a segment of this article’s video, and I wrote later the Suffering Package to discuss the spiritual value of suffering.

The function of a spiritual messenger transcends the role of a prophet even though God may ordain a messenger to transmit a word of prophecy. For example, Christ asked me to write briskly the gloomy and doomy article Hillary Alert on the eve of the 2016 US Presidential Election, I complied but should have avoided gloom and doom.

A reader once called me a false prophet. I replied I was not a prophet; so, I was not a false prophet.  Human suffering pierces my heart and may cause gloom and doom, but I should be vigilant against these negative emotions and stress the salvation of souls.  The Holy Spirit commanded me “I want you to draw people to Me“, pursuant to the article Dialogue with the Holy Spirit with the article Man Thirsty for God for backdrop.


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