Maria Julianna, 04-12-18


Maria Julianna


“Dear children! I love you infinitely. When I got up and went back to my Father in Heaven, I could not break away from you, because I wanted to stay with you. Therefore, at the Last Supper, I converted bread and wine into My Body and Blood to stay with you, to nourish your souls on your earthly pilgrimage. I will protect you from the evil worships of Satan and strengthen you for eternal life. Everything in the Holy Mass repeats the story of the Last Supper. The priest calls upon the Holy Ghost, Who transforms bread and wine into My Holy Body and Blood. Holy Mass is the manifestation is the greatest prayer. I live forever and as living God and Savior I want to go into your heart, to give you eternal life too. May My power be in you so that you might be loved by Me, as you will be wandering in Me as a drop of water in an ocean. Let me work in you and through you. I have called all men to this point: “Be holy, for I am holy, and be perfect as Your Heavenly Father.” Understand: Only the saints are worthy of God, in the sight of His Son. Therefore, only with a very pure spirit you welcome Me into your heart. I have mercy on the great encounter with you when you receive Me in the Sacrament.



“Dear Jesus! Thank you for coming to the altar with your resurrected, glorified Body. I open the door of my heart before you. Get on it and be the heir of my heart, Lord! Make me a living tabernacle! Thank you because I can carry you in my heart as Your Most Holy Mother carried you in her Immaculate Virgin Womb. It is up to us alone to open our hearts to accommodate Your Glory which illuminates our minds and souls. Thank you for inviting all people to serve you. Thank you for your sacrifice to save us all. Blessed be You forever and ever. Amen.”

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