Message from God the Father

The Spirit of God is pouring over the Earth in an unprecedented way to prepare God’s children for the New Paradise, which is waiting for them ― God the Father is enveloping them with the Spirit of Truth.  Some will accept it, with open arms, and be grateful for such blessings, whereas others will refuse because they will not open their hearts. My Great Intervention to save humanity has commenced and the speed of My actions will be evident to all. The miracles, permitted by Me, your Almighty Father, will be noticeably widespread. They will bring more conversions.

As the Spirit of My Love spreads, the actions by the evil one and his cohorts will increase. My Hand will stop the evil actions those who try to inflict war, disease, murder and abortion upon My children. My Hand will fall also on those who torment the loyal followers of My beloved Son and those who try to abolish His Presence in the Holy Eucharist.

Hear now My Call! All of My children will be drawn towards My Mercy. Those who reject My Son, reject Me, and Those who insult My Son cannot come to Me. Those who denounce His Teachings and twist the Truth reject My Existence. You cannot create your own laws and obey Me, and condone sin and expect to see My Face. If sin does not decrease, I will punish those nations who are responsible for sins, which offend Me.

Just as My Holy Spirit continues unabated, so also will My Intervention be to prevent sin from spreading. All these changes will be seen at the same time. Soon afterwards, when every attempt by My Son, through His Church and His disciples, has been made to spread the Truth, the day will come when My Son’s Great Mercy will fall upon mankind. Then, the Day of Judgment will follow soon. Prepare My children now, for the day can come at any time. Only those who obey My Commandments, and show remorse for their sins, can and will be saved.

Your beloved Father God the Most High


The original message came to me from a reader of my blog, and I am publishing an edited version of the message because it is transcendental.

The Holy Spirit advised me at the beginning of 2018, that He would be very active on Earth throughout the year, perhaps to counteract The Antichrist who is already in the world directing secretive societies to implement the New World Order. The societies won’t succeed in the United States, though the Deep State is causing social unrest and will cause the imposition of martial law in major American cities.

Brethren, keep your sight on the big prize ― the New Paradise ― with the fusion of the New Heaven and New Earth. Meanwhile, prepare seek Spiritual Growth in anticipation of the Warning and Illumination of Conscience, which seconds Christ’s Mercy and Compassion after His Passion and Death on a Cross.

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