The Origin of the Messenger




Only a Messenger from God can bring an entire new reality and change over time the awareness and the consciousness of large numbers of people, even affecting the attitudes of the entire human race.




People have no idea of a Messenger or how Messengers are selected or prepared. People want to believe the Messenger is the Message, but the Message is always greater than the Messenger ― they do not understand the Messenger.

Messengers and such great turning points only come very infrequently. In the interim, there are prophets giving warnings or setting standards for behavior visionaries, reformers and advocates.

The Messenger does not simply give warning of great hazards, present and future, or provides higher standards or a greater vision of peace, cooperation and equanimity amongst the human family. Many individuals can do this, but only a Messenger from God can bring an entire new reality and change over time to the awareness and consciousness of large numbers of people, even affecting the attitudes of the entire human race. A prophet cannot do this, for prophets speak of present and future events, and their prophecies are not for all time and all peoples. They are specific to certain peoples, places and events.

The Messengers are not charged with meeting every need of the day or resolving every problem or crisis of the hour; instead, they are bringing something to change the whole approach and future of humanity. Messengers are often condemned, crucified or destroyed because people do not get wealth, security, advantages or favors endowments from God from the Messengers.  People who are needy and ambitious do not get what they want, so they deny, reject and condemn the Messenger, for they seek someone to benefit them immediately. They have no idea what they are judging, what their greater needs really are ― the need of their soul.

This is a dilemma for all peoples in the world  rich or poor, from any nation, culture or religious affiliation. They are not yet aware of the great need of the soul.  There are few who reach within or beyond their traditions, to find this connection inside with God  their future, destiny and life purpose.

God speaks to the rich and the poor, rulers and subjects, honest and dishonest. The Messenger brings a Message for them all, and he is not a reformer, advocate, visionary or prophet. The Messenger brings a reality for everyone who can receive him, in humility and honesty. His presence will contrast everything else that is deceptive, manipulative, egotistic, grievous, unforgiving and angry.

The Messenger is not God, therefore he is imperfect, but the Messenger was selected  to enter into the world at a certain place and time. The personal destiny was moderate education about humanity and the human condition, and sufficient insulation from the world so that his great promise and calling could occur when the Messenger reached a point of maturity. His life was planned and monitored, the reality of the Messenger who is today bringing a New Revelation from God.

God has spoken again to prepare humanity for the hazards of living in a declining world and the great unseen dangers of invasive forces from the universe, which are here to exploit human weakness, ambition and disunity.

The Messenger was given the Message imbued at a deeper level of the mind, beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect. He would be observant of people, and remain available, open and receptive throughout his formative years.  The Messenger would be restrained from great careers, commitment in relationships until he met his true partner, interests, hobbies, advocacy, societal standards and society and family expectations ― preparing and waiting for Initiation.

People think that all great Messengers are very saintly, pure and perfect. Indeed, they all made errors in life, and some of them have suffered greatly for their errors. What made them Messengers was the power of the Message imbued in them and their ability to withstand seductions, tragedies and pressures of the world until their Initiation. Such goal could not have happened without Divine oversight, unavailable to everyone, and careful management of their lives.

All Messengers did not know who they were, what they were carrying, or what it would mean for the future until the process of Initiation that would carry them forward through many thresholds into the future. Time, place and of support from certain individuals were paramount to the Initiation. All Messengers are truly unique individuals, and though their origins are generally ordinary and humble, all Messengers become the most important people in the world.




The Messenger is generally neither magnificent nor awesome. God’s Messengers were ignored or denied, and treated very poorly or even brutally hardly recognized by those around them for their importance and uniqueness. Only a few had this recognition, and it would play an important part in the Messenger’s development, early ministry and later successes.

Now for the first time, the power of Revelation is given to the connected world the Messenger can speak to the whole world, and it can reject him. The opportunities and the hazards are huge!

The Messenger may be threatened once his voice impacts people.  Though he won’t attack governments, overturn brutal dictatorships or start revolutions, he will otherwise bring peace, cooperation and equanimity.  The Messenger will be treated with hostility by those claiming to be religious, represent God and God’s Will, and by the followers of all previous Messengers. Many people will consider the new Messenger an enemy and a threat.  It is easier for the ordinary people to recognize the Messenger, because they have few preconceived notions and social esteem.

You can deny and disclaim him, but he has the Message, and brings it forth in a fine form. To recognize the Messenger, you must have eyes to see and ears to hear, for He will bring a new reality into the world that will require all religions to reassess their primary and fundamental ideas and beliefs.

People will become worried with the Messenger, because they cannot face the Message. They will complain, and accuse him since they will think that for the Message to be true, the Messenger has to meet their criteria. Oh, he must give people what they want, or they will reject him. All Messengers have faced this fundamental dilemma.

The Messenger is clearly giving the pathway of personal revelation, restoration and redemption. The revelation is pure and simple, but it is so deep because it is a matter of the heart and the soul.

The risks of corruption and misinterpretation are so great.  That’s why the Revelation is repetitive over its purpose, aim and pathway.  People will face problems to gain a true relationship with their deeper nature to discover their great purpose in the world. The Messenger brings challenge, opportunity, restoration and a true relationship with the Divine Will. He brings the Revelation that can save humanity from collapse and the risk of eternal subjugation.




The Messenger speaks to the needs of the people facing world catastrophic changes, and brings the solution to a thousand questions and problems, beyond current knowledge  that will secure and create human freedom and sovereignty in the universe, where freedom is rare amid an invasion to exploit a weak and unsuspecting humanity.

People know little of the real hazards facing the world today, as they are living in their own little dream, preoccupied with their needs and problems, without a clear idea about threats to human civilization both internal and external the Revelation brings this awareness. Only God can reveal the near future for humanity in the Revelation, and can speak to the deeper needs of the heart and the soul the center of the Revelation.

The Messenger speaks of living a greater life in service to a world in a growing need that will escalate beyond imagination. He calls people amidst their miserable attempt at fulfillment, tragedies, predicaments, entrapment, and political, social and religious oppression to find the voice of God within their souls. Yet, the Messenger will be denied and condemned by people whose views are threatened, social positions, values, ethics and firm beliefs are questioned by the Revelation.

Anyone should respond to the Messenger, as time is critical for an elderly whose presence in the world is paramount for the future of humanity.

If the Messenger would face calamity tomorrow, there would be enough people to carry the Message forward. the documentation would prevent usurpation and corruption, for the Message speaks clearly, without a great need for human intervention.   The Messenger’s knowledge supplements the documentation, therefore  you will hear additional information from the Messenger.  He carries the Message within him like a burning fire that warms the soul and illuminates the landscape.

Your relationship with the Messenger is important, but you won’t immediately realize the  importance.  The Messenger must be seen correctly ― from the soul and the heart  he must be heard, and the nature of Revelation must be understood as a great opportunity, because it will take centuries before another Messenger is sent, and this is the real Message for the world for now and the future.




The consequences will be great for your life and for the world, if you fail to respond to the Message. You won’t find your destiny and calling, and you will be lost with everyone else  groping, searching and suffering.  Knowledge will be alive within you, but you may never find a way to connect with it, your grievance against the world will grow as the world diminishes, your grief and anguish will increase as human suffering around you will increase, and you will feel helpless and hopeless regarding your position in the universe, for you have not found yet the power of Knowledge to redeem you.

This is the consequence of living at a time of Revelation when success and failure are utterly consequential to you. This is why people think that Revelation cannot occur again because they do not want to deal with its challenge and opportunity. It’s better to live with old Revelations for they have become the establishment, the institution and the norm.

If you can understand the origin of the Messenger, you will begin to understand your past, present and future life, and develop a new vision of the world.




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The Origin of the Messenger



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