The Will of Heaven




“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven.”  (Matthew 7:21)




Many people are awaiting the return of their Savior, and God has sent a New Message to prepare humanity for the great change coming into the world. Human spirituality is eroding, as societies become increasingly technological and secular. Mounting difficulties  exceed human capacity and understanding, because The Great Waves of change coming into the world.  Humanity has come to a great turning point. God’s Revelation has come again, and the Messenger is in the world.

Who can understand the New Revelation?  Human ignorance and arrogance unite into a dangerous combination vehement and oppressive ― while the New Message comes in a pure form, very clear, for it carries its own commentary and teachings,

The hour is late, and humanity is unprepared to face a declining world. You are at a great threshold, and your life is accelerated to engage with this threshold, as nobody has the wisdom, capacity and comprehension to pass through this threshold into a new and more challenging world.

Human spirituality is so clouded and distorted. Religion has become a palliative, a distraction more than an illumination. People have sought religion for comfort and consolation rather than a preparation to engage effectively in the world.  The New Message is brought to the people, to give tremendous power and responsibility. For example, the effort to create positive and mutually beneficial arrangements.  You must compassionately adopt the Revelation.




To claim  no new Revelation is to proclaim your arrogance and ignorance and to think you know more than the Creator. The world will require immense human cooperation, compassion and contribution, or it will be a battleground for the remaining resources.  The nations are too divided and the religions are too shattered. That is why there is a New Revelation in the world. The Will of Heaven is for humanity to unite and prepare to survive the Great Waves of change, and to protect in such a way that human freedom and sovereignty.  You are facing a cruel universe where freedom is rare and free nations must exercise great discretion and care amidst the presence of many more nations where freedom does not exist.

Nations must cooperate to survive environmental decline, and increasing political and economic upheaval. Instead of fighting, nations must find ways to provide enough food, water and energy for the people of the world it will be the prevailing and dominating need of the future.

Your education and preparation for living and surviving in the new world are so great they require a New Revelation from God.  Only a united humanity can contend with the challenges of living in a new world with the greater challenges of preserving freedom and sovereignty. This is the time of Revelation, a difficult and confusing time of great consequence.

You have a great destiny that will be uniquely expressed in your life, and you will share the destiny with others, for no one is now in the world by accident. Your destiny has never been separate from God, and constitutes your identity.  Heaven wants you respond to the New Revelation with humility and patience, and without beliefs, preferences and fears to engage with a great strength and purpose.




Heaven desires humanity to be the wise stewards of this world, to preserve its resources and to become a free race, and end conflicts, for humanity cannot afford to destroy itself. You will need all the resources of the world to contend with the future Great Waves of change.

You are living in a new world — an unstable climate, changing environmental conditions, diminishing resources, increasing fragility and uncertainty, where human civilization is imperiled.  The time grow dark, the hour is late, and negligence is scary.

It is the time of Revelation ― a gift of God to humanity ― to be received or rejected. It is the future of humanity, to be fulfilled or destroyed. It is the promise of humanity, to be realized or wasted depending on individual decision. The New Message from God does not simply prescribe a new belief system, because people must configure the details with motivation and awareness.




The essay is a synopsis of the article The Will of Heaven from the site The New Message of God.



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