The Lineage of the Messenger

A Messenger has been sent to present God’s New Revelation in the world.  This happens once perhaps in a thousand years as humanity reaches a great threshold — a turning point in its evolution and a time of great challenge.

People everywhere are beginning to realize that they are approaching this threshold — a time of environmental decline, great change in the world’s climate, economic and political upheaval and the risk of a great war.  It is perhaps the greatest turning point in human history, for it will affect the outcome of all people, nations and faith traditions.

It is a momentous time to be in the world at a time of Revelation, which requires the meaning and process of Revelation to be clearly understood, because it reveals our great purpose in the world.  We have reached the point in the great timeline of humanity’s evolution where a New Revelation must be given, as it was foreseen long ago by those who watch over the world.


We are facing a world that will require great human cooperation, generosity and compassion from people of all religions.  We must recognize the importance of the Messenger, and understand that all God’s Messengers stand with Him in his great purpose and mission  on Earth.

The survival of human civilization is at great peril, greater than ever existed — greater than the world wars of the past century, greater than any threat or challenge. Humanity can preserve the world but it will require a great change in awareness and understanding of God and His Plan for Humanity.

It is the great challenge and gift of Revelation. God has spoken again, giving now to all humanity a great chance to act in harmony with itself, serve a world in need, prepare for a difficult future, and safeguard human unity, sovereignty and freedom amidst the presence of opposing forces.  You must come to the Revelation and begin to apply it to your life.

We must have the humility to receive the blessings of the Creator. It is the largest Revelation ever given to this world, when humanity is literate, and there is a global  community and communication system. We must have a new understanding of God’s Plan for Humanity, and why God will restore the world for humanity.


This is an adapted version of the article The Lineage of the Messenger from the site The New Message of God.  Click on the following link to retrieve the original article.

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