Petrus Romanus, July 8, 2018


OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

“I greet you, My beloved son, Our Little White Rock and all of My beloved children here present and throughout the world and in a special way I greet My children in the Philippines, who are united at this moment with you.”

“I come today, My children, to bring many Graces to all of you from Jesus, My Divine Son, for the world is in need of much consolation at this time, because the world right now is in great danger of many calamities that will befall it – because mankind have rejected My Divine Son – they have rejected the Prophets sent to them and because of this the Heavenly Father must now bring more chastisements upon the world, because mankind must turn away from sin and live the Gospel – live the Law that God gave through Moses.

“My children, my children, I travel the world every day searching for My lost children, seeking to bring them to salvation and to bring them to My Divine Son. His Heart is torn, because men have denied Him. He is the King of Kings, Lord of Lords – the True Messiah. Because mankind have fallen away in apostasy, I come to My children with My Holy Rosary, with the Angels and the Saints, to help Our children to remain on the path of Truth, for mankind have veered away from the Truth, believing all types of false teachings, which take them away from the Truth of My Divine Son and away from the True Church, founded by My Divine Son through the Apostles.”

“I am the Mother of the Church. Come to Me, My children, take up your beads of love and let us pray together, so that the Eternal Father will not send down the many chastisements. Time is very short – far shorter than mankind believe.”

“The Antichrist will make his appearance very soon and he will take many souls away from My Divine Son. It is for this reason, My children, I seek that all men be consecrated to the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son Jesus and to My Immaculate Heart. Pray, My children, pray, because it is through prayer that many miracles are wrought throughout the world, because conversion of heart is the greatest of miracles.”

“I call My children not to abandon Holy Mother Church in this hour, because the one who sits upon the Throne of Peter, was not called by My Divine Son, for he misleads Our children and takes them on the wide road that leads to perdition. But many of Our clergy are asleep – they do not recognize the sign of the times. Can you not see, My children, that all the signs are before you – the signs mentioned in the Gospels, when My Divine Son Jesus, will soon return. Therefore, you must be strong and fight for Holy Mother Church. Bring My children to seek My Divine Son in the Blessed Eucharist, where He awaits you and receive Him in the Sacrament of Confession that is so needed in today’s Church, because sin is no longer spoken of.”

“I come, My dear children, to console you – console you because I am a Mother – and I know how the hearts of Our mothers on Earth are truly wounded to see many of their children abandon the Faith of their Fathers. The world is in convulsion – Our children are confused – but I will never abandon you, My sweet children, but you must trust Me. I will guide you and take you to the New Holy Era that will soon come upon the world – a time of peace – where My Divine Son Jesus will Reign in all hearts. Come, My children, take My Hand and be not afraid, even of the future that may bring great hurt and sorrow to many. Trust in My Divine Son, Who guides the sheep.”

“And to My beloved children of the Philippines: Your Mother has not abandoned you. The Ark that I have brought with Me today will rest upon your land, where I will gather the sheep, because I seek that the Land of the Philippines becomes My new Israel for mankind, where the Christian country of the Philippines, will lead the nations of the world. I seek that all children consecrate themselves to the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son. Let your land be the land of the King of Kings, Jesus – let Him Reign, so that I can send My Envoy to bring peace and stability in your land.”

“How I Love you, My sweet children. I love all of My children of every Nation and seek their salvation. Live the Beatitudes, My children – the Virtues. Listen to the Words given in the Gospel today, and you will understand well, My Words, for I have been sent by the Eternal Father to rescue the sheep throughout the whole world, but I need your help.”

“Listen to My Messages that I have sent to many Nations and practice the Word given to you by My Divine Son, Jesus. Today I send to you multitudes of Holy Angels, to strengthen your hearts in these times of great tribulation throughout the world.”

“Take up My Rosary, My children and pray – pray for all the poor souls that have no-one to pray for them. Pray for your Leaders, for many of them are far away from God.”

“My Divine Son Jesus has a Plan to rescue the world. In a short while the Great Sign will be seen in the Heavens and mankind will know that God is God – that Jesus is the Son of God Who was sent by His Father for the Redemption of man. These special Angels sent to you today are to assist you to persevere in the coming days of trial for mankind.”

“And you, My beloved son, My Angel of Divine Love: Soon I will send you once again to preach the Word from My Divine Son Jesus, so that mankind will be prepared.”

“How I Love you, My sweet children. I Love My Priest-sons and those consecrated to Our Immaculate Hearts. I send you a Blessing from the Triune God: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

“Peace be with you, My children, and be not troubled in heart, for you have a Mother Who loves you very much.”


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