Origin of the Antichrist’s Kingdom






The video explains where the Antichrist will begin his Kingdom, and the narrator focuses several books of the Bible to demonstrate it will be in Turkey.  It is not necessarily where the Antichrist was born, who is already acting in the world through his disciples, and will  appear on the world scene soon.

The following extracts belong to the article Message to Petrus Romanus, 09-22-18.



“As for the people of the Middle East: Your time is coming. The Antichrist will take the Land that is Mine for a while, so be prepared, for the attacks upon the City of Jerusalem are near. Prepare yourselves, for the end time is near. Soon the Antichrist will appear and all havoc will descend.”



“The Reign of the Antichrist is near its completion – men must not fear but trust in the love of My Divine Son, Jesus and His Mother, for They have the Power to dismantle him and will do all in its time”.

“It has now come to pass that the Antichrist be known and his Anti-Pope – who at the moment has fooled mankind into believing that the Pope has manipulated the Church and mankind – making them believe he is speaking the truth, but shortly he will make some serious errors, which will make the faithful aware of his faults”.



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