Almighty Father Advises America


It follows a message given on November 8, 2018, by the Almighty Father to Maureen.  The message is from the site Mary Refuge of Holy Love.


“Your President, Donald Trump, is attempting to resurrect the heart and soul of your nation, USA, after eight long years of its passion. There are those whom are still calling the heart of this great nation back to Calvary. The ones behind this mass migration, thousands of Central American migrants are walking through Mexico in hopes of reaching the USA, are part of the passion revisited. We will not linger at the foot of the Cross by welcoming unknown masses into this country.”

“The Church is in its passion. I am counting on the Remnant to assist her in carrying her cross, not unwillingly, but willingly. The Remnant must stand vigil at the foot of the cross together with the Holy Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is the Matriarch of the Remnant Faithful. She mourns as She witnesses the many ways the true Faith is blasphemed – always in the guise of good.”

“Be united, O Man of Earth, behind your President and in the Remnant Faithful. Your future depends on it.”


The Almighty Father asks to all Man of Earth to be united behind President Donald Trump and the Remnant Church of Christ.  Man fits in one of three mutually exclusive classes: patriots, globalists or others.  Globalists are aligned with Satan and The Antichrist, Patriots are aligned with their nation and tend to embrace God to fend off evil, and others seem oblivious to the Signs of The End Times.

I do particularly appeal to the Patriotic Remnant Church of Christ, all those baptized in Christ who love their nation, to immunize against The Antichrist, through Spiritual Growth, to escape satanic snares and seek salvation.

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