Petrus Romanus, December 1, 2018



OUR LORD: “I love you, My son and future Vicar for My House upon Earth. I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I love you, My son. I know the road has been very heavy for you, as you are awaiting your freedom, so that you can do My work. However, My beloved son, you do not realize that you are doing My work very diligently – but they are, very quietly at this time – for I am waiting for your health to return to you, so that I can perform many signs from [through] you to give to My people, as the people need signs to continue on their way to Sanctifying Grace.”

“You are the ‘sign’ My children are waiting for, for the journey of Benedictus, My Vicar, is soon coming to an end and the sorrow of sorrow will begin for Holy Mother Church. My Holy ‘victim’ will flee Rome very soon, to find himself captured, where he will meet his end in My Arms.”

“Be not afraid, dear son, as I know you too, have been carrying a heavy Cross – not fully understanding why, as the road is very narrow – but very soon this Cross will leave you and a new road will open, so that the path you have been waiting for will be given to you and the path will open up to you in an astonishing way.”

“Slowly the doors are opening to you, for you to see where I am taking you. As I told you, you are Peter Abraham II and the doors are opening for you.”

“Many in the Church and the world will not understand as to what I am doing, except the few. The role of your Papacy will be shrouded, so that the enemies of the Church will be confounded.”

“Much will change in the coming year, My son, to confuse the proud hearted, for many of them believe in a world without end, but without Me.”

“The reign of the Antichrist is near – his door will open, as the world will go into anarchy and total confusion, because most of Our children do not believe in him, as you do, My son.”

“The world will be at war very soon. Your own life will be changed, but in the Light of God you will open the door to freedom and truth, as you will become recognizable and My children of Divine Light will know where and who to follow and you will be given much strength, so that those who follow you are the ones who know the truth.”

“My son, you will be led to another land, as your name will be cleared and then the truth will be known. Fear not, My son, because it is time, but your reign will be hidden in some ways.”

“Fear not, My children, as your God loves you and seeks your salvation, as the time is very near for all prophecies to follow. You must pray and pray, asking for enlightenment, so that you will not be misled.”

“Europe is proceeding to prepare for the Third World War. Borders are being secured and soon Russia, who is not converted yet, will invade the Ukraine and Europe will prepare for its invasion. My children must pray for Europe, as it will divide and will form the United Front of the New European Union, where Ten Nations will be formed, but it will be fooled to believe it will be safe.”

“Pray children for China, as it will embark upon its own will to conquer Asia with military force.”

“Mankind show signs of disgruntlement, but are being fooled into believing all will be well, as China has many plans of invading its neighboring countries.”

“Australia, Australia – the Holy land – has succumbed to ecological pressures and has succumbed to the loss of many souls. It is because men have degraded the Prophet and made mankind believe it is his fault. But little do they know, it was the plan of the Evil One to overcome him and his work, but little does the devil know of God’s Plan for this Holy Land. It will become aware in the near future. Trust in God, My son and My children.”

“Pray, dear children, because Australia is in danger of being overcome by China and Indonesia. Pray for Holy Mother Church in Rome and Italy, for plans are in the making to have Rome lose its faith and allow the Antichrist to reign in the heart of Holy Mother Church, with the help of the Papal Authority. Pray, My children, for many signs are coming in the following year – for the seven years of great trial will soon be upon you.”

“The Angels that stand witness, My son, are ready now to take the opening of the time of tribulation. It is time for the world to go through the hard time of the Seven Sorrows for Holy Mother Church, because at the end of this time will be the Resurrection of the world and the New Order will come upon the Earth.”

“I love you, My son and be not afraid [of] what is to come, because all must come, so that the Church will finally see victory, which is very soon. Take heart, My son and continue to carry your Cross as the end result will be glorious.”

WILLIAM: Jesus now comes closer. He hands me His Sacred Heart and allows me to kiss It.

OUR LORD: “Be at peace, My holy son, because shortly you will be home again.”

WILLIAM: Many Angels are here and one Great Angel takes a large white Cross and places it on the Holy Grounds. Another Great Angel all in white comes with another white Cross and places it on the Holy Grounds next to the property and says:

ANGEL: “This is where the new Chapel is to be built until the Holy Grounds have been returned.”

OUR LORD: “Pray, My children, pray. You will be strengthened very much in the coming months, to prepare you for your [the] Second Part of your journey. I Bless you, My son and all your children and Australia: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Peace be with you.”

WILLIAM: Jesus turns towards the White Cross and returns.



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