Petrus Romanus, December 8, 2018



OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My beloved son, Privileged Soul of God. I sing your praises, My son and welcome you to come forward. I give you the Chalice, which I am holding; take it as a sign for you.”

WILLIAM: I notice Our Lady has on a white gown with a blue sash around her and this time She wears a beautiful Crown.

OUR LADY: “This Chalice I give to you, My son, is one of victory – it is the beginning of the Triumph. Take it and place it in your heart; the Precious Blood is that of Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

“I am the Immaculate Conception and I have chosen you to take this Cup, to bring you to your salvation – your destiny is written in this Cup of Everlasting Life. You will understand all that I say in time. Be at peace, My son. The Cups of the Deluge will now be given out to the human race, because men do not listen to the Words of My Divine Son, Jesus. Very shortly, the Great War will begin. Many people will die, so pray for those souls who will be taken in one moment. The Antichrist is waiting for this to unfold, so that the seven (7) years of tribulation will fall. The Antichrist is waiting for the war to begin, so that his reign will follow. Know this, My children, the war is the beginning of the end.”

“Men continue to deny God, by allowing mankind to slither away into nothingness. Pray, My children, so that you do not become unaware of the events to come.”

“Listen to the words of Francis, who allows words to enter into his conversation, which are not enlightening to the soul. People believe, because he is Pope, everything he says is from the Spirit of God. But NO, My children, he camouflages the sentences, so that you will be overwhelmed.”

“My children, do not be fooled – because men of the Religious Cloth – because you will be amazed how shrewd some of the clergy have become. Listen to the words that will be said by some Priests in the House of God – it is to fool My children. Pray, pray, pray, because it is only by saying the Rosary will you be enlightened.”

“Pray for Africa as a whole, because soon much disenchantment will come from there. Many of Our dear children are being misled into believing the West has all the answers, but they do not realize that My children in the West are being misled, for the Evil One has conquered most part of it, to misguide and mislead the world.”

“It is Christmas soon, My children. However, many of the homes in the world will not see Christmas as it should be, as Jesus is not part of it. Mankind have gone so far off the track, that they do not realize what has happened to the Saviour of the world to be born.”

“My children, My children: I am a Mother who cries a lot, because I see Our children forget the meaning of Christmas and only see it as a day to share gifts, but most of the gifts are orientated for self, not for the purpose of sharing things.”

“My children, Christmas is for Christians to reflect on the Goodness of God and His kindness to men. Christmas is a time to reconcile with God and bring peace and unity between men.”

“O, My children, what must I do to wake you up? This Christmas will see much sorrow in the world, as men have forgotten why My Divine son, Jesus, came into the world. Spend time with Jesus, children, and remember He loves you very much.”

“The coming year will be one of many trials and suffering for Our children. It is time for Our children to come back to God. It is time for redemption – it is time to ask Jesus to forgive you and to amend your lives.”

“My children, keep holy the months related to Christmas, because many will not have Christmas next year, because the Great War is coming and many children – good and bad – will be taken. Pray, My children, so that the Cup that is overflowing will be removed – so that My Divine Son, Jesus, will come to the Earth to rescue His beloved children. Pray, dear children, that the chastisements will come swiftly, so that mankind will recognize their faults and peace and love of Jesus will come to the Earth for a thousand (1,000) years.”

“My children, I wish you all to repent and repair your souls, as night will follow day and great suffering will commence for Our children to wake up and recognize the times that they are living in. Soon, My beloved children, Jesus the Son of the Living God, will ask for your account, as His Second Coming is not far away. You need to reconcile to the Will of God and make way for Jesus’ Return to Earth in His Glorious Second Coming.”

“Do not be afraid, dear children, because time is very short. The seven (7) years of great suffering will be upon you shortly, but then it is the end of the time of Satan, as he will be thrown back into Hell and the New Holy Jerusalem will come down in the Glory of God.”

“Be not afraid, My children, because God has everything ready now. Fight the Antichrist with all your hearts and be not afraid. You, My son, will be given all the instructions of how to overcome the Antichrist, as you are the one who will lead the Children of God.”

“Tell My children of the Philippines to prepare the way, for you will lead the Church in a very short time, My son. Be not troubled or afraid and trust in My Word.”

“The Cup I have given you is the Chalice of Wisdom and Strength to guide the Church in its final hours. My beloved son, prepare, for shortly Jesus and Myself will come to you to guide you as to what to do. Continue on your path, for those souls whom you have contacted, will know what to do.”

“I love you, My son. My Immaculate Heart is always open to you. I love you and Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I bless all Our children: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Peace be with you.”

“I Bless you, My Angel of Divine Love: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”



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