Mainstream and Alternative Medias






Mainstream Media (MSM) refer to large newspapers and broadcast media, such as The New York Times and the BBC NEWS of London, and MSM mergers in many countries has contributed to a homogenization of media viewpoints.

Alternative Media (AM) tend to advocate the interests excluded from MSM,  for example, the poor, labor groups, political and ethnic minorities,  and Eradication of Sex Slavery and Sexual Crimes Against Children.  Liz Crokin’s reporting is alternative media.

I turned to AM because MSM was biased, for example they omitted news from Israel, because the The New World Order controls MSM and supports the upcoming Reign of The Antichrist.

MSM don’t cover conspicuously Liz Crokin’s themes, which are important to a civilized society.  Conflict has arisen between MSM and President Trump before the presidential inauguration, including attempts against his life.

Military Tribunals and Mass Arrests of traitors and pedophilia will occur soon.  Will MSM cover them?  Remnant Army of Christ, pray for the security of President Trump and Liz Crokin.



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