Satanic Atrocities against Children



Satan and pedophiles are thirsty of child blood, and I have read that some celebrities’ secret of longevity is the blood of tortured and murdered children.  Some celebrities traffic, rape, torture, murder, and drink the blood and eat the flesh of innocent children.  There is also the lucrative commerce of murdered children’s body parts.  Who will campaign for the security of children?

I have told some familiar circles that some celebrities commit these atrocities, and in complete disbelief they look at me as if I was a liar or a lunatic.  I support Liz Crokin because at least there is a person with sufficient compassion and courage to denounce these satanic atrocities.  Are there more people to denounce the atrocities?

The article’s video is quite eloquent and disgusting — it does need any commentary.  Remnant Church of Christ, pray for the immediate end of pedophilia and satanic child sacrifice.


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  1. Kathy Mitchell says:

    Excellent post! People of ALL countries must wake up and realize that the elite/NWO people are Satanists and engage in the brutal murder of children all over the world. We must be a force for God and stop the evil everywhere. Over 20,000 pedophiles and human traffickers were arrested just in the U.S. last year.

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