Pizzagate and Pedogate





The World Day of Peace is a feast day of the Roman Catholic Church dedicated to universal peace, held on 1 January, the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God.

The day should know no geographic or political boundaries.




Peace is not restricted to the absence of armed conflict …  We cannot have World Peace when the two most lucrative businesses in the world are Child and Organ Trafficking, which have been sustained by the Elite Pedophile Organization.  Yes, they have protected themselves placing group elements in the top societal echelons.  For example, according to Liz Crokin, the majority of top people in Congress, Hollywood, Big Media and Big Banks is associated with Pedophilia.

Exploitation of trafficking victims may be most acute in conflict and adjoining regions, but it is not confined to these areas.  For example, Pizzagate and Pedogate are not located in war and adjoin regions.  Pizzagate, based in Washington DC, includes operations in other major metropolitan areas, such as NY City, NY an Los Angeles, CA, is a single American franchise within a global child trafficking and exploitation operation known as PedogatePizzagate is local and Pedogate is global.

There are many other Pedogates in America, both independent and related with Pizzagate.  For instance, the Hollywood Pedogate is closely joined with the Washington, DC, Pizzagate.  Many Hollywood stars support Hillary Clinton and bash Donald Trump because of this enduring association of child abuse scandals in both regions, and Pizzagate is prominently configured within global Pedogate, because Pizzagate  involves  Who’s Who of American society and especially among politicians.  Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are at the epicenter of this heinous scandal, which is very shocking for many people to believe in Pizzagate.

It represents the tip of a global iceberg of profound criminality against children — a worldwide pedophilia ring – Pedogate.  It involves a global crime syndicate exploiting children without confinements in time and space.







The Mexican border is an example the American people have been shocked to see  thousands of unaccompanied children from South and Central America flock to and enter the U.S.   Texas and Arizona have been powerless to control their own borders — a power that the U.S. Constitution grants them via states’ rights.  These unaccompanied, unidentified children constitute prime targets for pedophile rings.

There are elites who participate in exceedingly perverted sexual behavior with children.  In some situations, the children are savagely killed, eaten and their blood is drunk. In organ trafficking, the coveted organs are quickly shipped to attending physicians of billionaires who desperately seek the organs.  They billionaires pay big money to expeditiously acquire coveted organs.  Furthermore, there is another dimension of child exploitation,  concerning the deliberate sacrifice of pure babies and innocent young children in satanic rituals.

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3 Responses to Pizzagate and Pedogate

  1. Kathy Mitchell says:

    Great summary of the heinous acts against children. However, we must acknowledge that these practices exist worldwide and is a battle of good versus evil. The number of practicing Satanists in the world is shocking…

    • Pizzagate is local and Pedogate is global. It represents the tip of a global iceberg of profound criminality against children — a worldwide pedophilia ring – Pedogate. It involves a global crime syndicate exploiting children without confinements in time and space.

  2. jane mcneely says:

    Many children do not survive, and are murdered, as part of the rituals. And I disagree re: this atrocity “uniting” us. These pedophiles have NO DESIRE to “overcome” their addiction. There is pending legislation that will result in persecution/prosecution of pedophiles being labelled “hate crimes.” We must stare this beast into its deviant eyes, and put an end to it. The Podesta e-mails “used” pizza” as code… He sent an e-mail inviting everyone to the Allistair Crowley “party.” The e-mail included remarks such as “lots of young boys ‘who know what to do.'” Liz Conyers sounds as if she is trying, but the BEST source of real, proven information is Alex Jones.

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