Petrus Romanus, February 14, 2019


WILLIAM: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. The three Crosses have been in the sky since about 2 o’clock. The Angels are not there yet, but the ‘road’ is already there.

In the last half hour or so, the Angels have been floating around and getting the stage set. I have been praying the Rosary and all the other prayers for some time: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

(Saint Michael Prayer is recited)

The main Cross has become very large and is taking up a great percentage of the sky. The sky is very blue and the ‘road’ is very wide and very clear – it is all pure white. Saint Michael is on the ‘road’ and is turning around to wait for the Cross to open up. There are many Angels now forming along the ‘road’. They come into this flat and there are many Angels here.

Now I can see Our Holy Mother as She glides down very swiftly. Behind Her are many Angels. Our Lady enters the room and Saint Michael is before Her and kneels down and hands Our Lady the sword.

Our Holy Mother is dressed in pure white – like at Fatima. She has on a beautiful Crown. Our Lady takes the sword – She kisses it and hands it back to Saint Michael. Saint Michael steps backwards and Our Lady comes forward a little more. She is right in the corner of the Unit.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My beloved son of My Immaculate Heart. I greet all of My children here present and throughout the world. I come today because of the great need of Our children throughout the world – because mankind have forgotten what they must do to follow My Divine Son, Jesus.”

“My children, take up My Beads – these Beads that I hold in My Hand – because the world goes further and further into darkness where My Divine Son laments, because mankind refuse to take up these Beads, to save humanity. What can I say to you, My son and to My children? I continue to ask for prayer, because mankind is in great need, because evil has gone throughout the world causing great disunity amongst Our children.”

“When you look at the world – what do you see, My children? What do you hear? Do you hear words of blasphemy; of hatred? You do not hear the words that We so much desire from Our children. The world, as you know, continues to go bad, where mankind have forgotten what they must do; they must do penance and reparation for the many sins committed against My Divine Son.”

“The world goes further into darkness by the day, where men do as they please. Mankind does no longer wish to please God, therefore, what will become of mankind? It is only the little souls scattered throughout the world who hear Our pleas and beg God for Mercy and yet My Divine Son will bring forth Justice.”

“The world goes further and further into darkness. Every day you will notice, that even though the Sun gets brighter, the world goes darker. Because the Spirit of God no longer lives in the hearts of men. How long, dear children, do you ask God to wait?

“You see the great Nations – China, Russia, the United States and many other small Nations – thinking that God will do nothing, for many of them do not believe in God. However, the great Nations of the world will soon realize that without God in their lives, the world will go into a great War, because men have placed God aside.”

Europe no longer seeks the Will of God, but the weak will of man, and the children of Europe will be misled and will follow the Antichrist in the fullness of time, because the Mark of the Beast is already present in the world and it will not take long to implement it. Mankind must follow what God is deeming for man. What more can I, as the Mother of all of the children of the world, can say.”

“Many countries on Earth are wavering, because they do not listen to the Word of God. Pray, dear children. It is important now to pray that the Antichrist does not get full power for a little while longer, to give mankind a chance to redeem themselves, because mankind are in great darkness. They must turn to My Most Holy Rosary, to receive Light.”

“This country, Australia, is in great darkness, because the children of the world seek Satan in all his works. It is so sad, My sweet children, because mankind do not listen to Our Words.”

“And you, My holy son, who must carry the Cross of Jesus, because mankind continue to place Jesus aside and for this reason, many changes are coming into your life. Take courage, My son, and trust in the Love of Jesus and Mary Who watch over you.”

“My children of Australia and the wide world must pray more, because times are changing and mankind is falling further and further away from the Truth. Be at peace, My son.”

“My beloved children of the Earth, you see and hear many disasters in the world and it is agonizing for Our children and yet, the world displays it through the Media, but forgets it very quickly. How sad it is, My sweet children.”

“The War will come soon upon the world and many millions will die, because My children have forgotten to pray. You will hear of accidents that are not accidents, because the whole world has many demons loose from Hell, because this is the time for the Antichrist to have full control of the world and the persecution of the elect. The great War will begin in the Middle East and in Europe. A few of the atomic weapons will be used, My dear children and many of Our children will be taken – good as well as the evil.”

“Pray for Iran, because Iran is in great darkness. Pray for the children of Lebanon, because the Evil One has that Nation. Soon the world will know that time is here, when the two volcanoes in Italy erupt and bring great devastation upon two cities. The volcanoes will erupt in Indonesia and in the countries nearby. Many people will be taken.

“And also, pray for Japan, for Japan will once again be suffering through a nuclear [disaster].

“My dear children, I come today to give you Messages which are not very pleasant, but My children must awake from their slumber, because the world goes further and further away from My Divine Son.”

“The United States of America: Be warned, because California will soon go into the sea and take many, many souls with it.”

“The world is closing in on man. Many sorrows are coming to the world, where mankind must think very seriously of what they are doing, because, My children, not enough people are praying and the children who have fallen asleep, will need to be woken up with great Chastisements, so that mankind will recognize the deeds that he has done towards God.”

“Today, My dear son, I am going to give you some direction for children that are in great need. You will receive the directions after the public Message. Pray for your country Australia, because unless there is sufficient prayer, great Chastisements will come upon this Nation and there will be many deaths.”

“My sweet son, be at peace. I know you are seeking answers and answers I will give you.”

Mankind continue to wither away, because My children pray less and less. It is through prayer, My children, that you will receive enlightenment and guidance, because mankind has forgotten its God and it has forgotten the importance of prayer. This year, many Chastisements will come to the world – in Africa, in Asia, in Europe, Australia and South America – My beautiful country, Argentina. How sad it is to see My children give themselves over to Satan. Have My children forgotten the prayers, the dedications? Return back to Me, My dear children and I will bring you back to My Divine Son. Take up the Rosary – for it is through the Rosary that salvation will come to the world.”

“I love you, My sweet children and I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Be at peace, My son and know that I will lead you.”

“As for the Queens – they will come. Be not afraid, for you will triumph over all that is evil and you will be victorious also in the worldly planes, that bog you down now. I love you, My dear son and I strengthen you with My Love and I Bless you and thank you for all that you have done and all that you are doing and all that you will be doing in the coming years. Be not afraid, for I, your Heavenly Mother, watch over you and I Bless you, My son: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Peace be with you and all of Our children throughout the world – Peace be with you, My children. Trust and love Jesus, for He is your strength.”

“I Bless the renewal of the Royal House of David – those souls chosen. Be not afraid, My son, because all will come to you. Take courage, My son: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: Our Blessed Mother sends a kiss to me and She takes the sword of Saint Michael and Saint Michael comes to me and gives me the sword. “Thank you, beloved Michael.”

OUR LADY: “Take his sword, My holy son and use it well and defend all that is good. Peace be with you.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady blows kisses and goes back up the ‘road’ – a very wide and beautiful white ‘road’ – full of Angels everywhere.


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