Timeline (Crash)






“Timing is everything in my kingdom, and you are in the timeframe of the end of the world,” asserts the Almighty Father.  The New Heaven and the New Earth will follow Christ’s Second Coming at the end of the world we know.

Click on the following link to retrieve the article The New Heaven and the New Earth.








The stock market crash of 2019 is at hand for gold and silver to rise in value and allow the building of sanctuaries for the people of God’s safety.

Tsunamis, cataclysms, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will occur, the wrath of God will flare on the wicked war, and famine will affect humanity when the Fourth Seal of Revelation is opened, but the people of God will live in the sanctuaries which are immune to the calamities.

Repent and believe in the gospel!

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