Petrus Romanus, May 5, 2019



OUR LORD & OUR LADY: “We greet you dear son, pleasing very much to Our Immaculate Hearts: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: Jesus speaks first.

OUR LORD: “I welcome you, My beloved son, William – future Vicar of My House upon Earth. We come today, as the world goes further into darkness and We see that mankind have not changed much. My Holy Mother and I have decided to come to you, as time is getting precious and the Evil One is using his time well to achieve to grab many souls away from Us.”

“My child and children, I want to make sure that you know that time is moving faster, as you get to the time of the Great Awakening, for mankind have placed Our previous supplications aside, believing We of Heaven have forgotten the Plan of God. But I say to you, sweet children, it may seem that We have gone to sleep, but be assured, Heaven is well aware of the times that you have allowed the most important matter to be set aside. But know this, that the major events are nearby and it is only a matter of a very short time that events will take care upon a humanity [that] has fallen asleep.”

“Be prepared, sweet children, because an Asteroid will be seen very shortly, bringing fright to mankind and it will bring great devastation upon parts of the world, because mankind continue to live without Us.”

“Watch for the Signs of the Great Warning, which will descend upon mankind in an unprepared humanity. Therefore pray, dear children, because you believe My Father in Heaven has gone asleep. I warn you, My children: do not take My Words lightly, but offer up many Rosaries, so that mankind will reflect upon the situations that present themselves.”

“My beloved children, every day more and more events occur in the world. The destruction placed upon the Cathedral in Paris, was a sign to you of the harm and destruction the Muslims are preparing for your Nation. My people of France, first you must get rid of the harm being done to your Nation. It is not the destruction of the Churches that matter, but the destruction of your souls. My Warning to France has been for over one-hundred (100) years, yet My beloved children will not listen. France will undergo a great destruction: Paris and Marseille will burn and many other cities, because you have allowed the enemy into your free Nation.”

“France, your destruction is near – as [are] many countries of Europe – until you place out [remove] the minority Muslims, which you have allowed into your Nation. Turn your clock around and call on Me through your prayers. Pray that I bring the Holy Monarch to your Nation, who will bring your Country back to its foundation. Pray, pray and prepare your Nation to bring the Holy Monarch and your future Vicar, Pope Peter II, so that your Nation will rid itself of the fanatical Muslims.”

“My children of France, read My Words well, because not all Muslims are the cause of the destruction of the Churches, but the radicals who have come into your Nation for the last five (5) years from the Middle East. I ask you to pray, dear children of France, because you will fall, but in the end the faith will be born again in the hearts of Our children, when the Monarch and Pope Peter will renew the people of France.”

“To the people of Germany: Know that the Last Pope will return to you, because you must nurture him, so that Holy Mother Church will be victorious at the end. But remember, Pope Peter II Abraham will not reign as a Pope like the other Popes, but will be like Pope Peter I was, because the dark clouds will be the cause. Pray for them both.”

“Pray for Israel, because dark days are coming and the Holy City will be shrouded, because the enemies will bring this about. The time of the Antichrist is near. Pray that My children will wake up and see, because the Antichrist, though not known yet publicly, is planning for this very soon.”

“The Middle East will soon be ablaze, with much war and uncertainty for many of My dear children.”

“Men must look into the sky and atmosphere, for many things are about to happen to Our wavering children, but there are still a few Apparition places which are giving the world much instruction, but My children must pray and seek the knowledge for themselves.”

WILLIAM: Jesus has now indicated that He wishes His Holy Mother to say something. + Our Lady stands up and makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY: “I Bless you, My predilected son and My holy spouse: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I know you are feeling very frustrated because the authorities do not allow you much freedom, but this will change soon, because all those things that restrain you will be removed, as you will return to your home and then the Mission will start in full. I will tell you later of what is to be done.”

“The devil and his entourage, who have kept you silent, will no longer be able to, for your Mission will take on a new path, which will bring you to the fulfilment of your Calling. Be not troubled or afraid son, because My Divine Son has special Plans for you. I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved children of the world, time is moving on and much is to be fulfilled. You are approaching the seven years of tribulation and this will start with the Asteroid that will hit the middle between the U.S.A. and South America. Many thousands of people will die, so I ask the people to pray and make reparation – especially the Rosary.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady is holding a beautiful Rosary and from its beads come beautiful colors, but these colors form a power that flows upon the people.

OUR LADY: “Yes, My beloved son, the Rosary is very powerful when prayed. The time will come before the Asteroid hits, that the Rosaries said will place a dome that will protect the children of the Islands.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady is crying. I wish to hold Her and console Her. I see my soul go over to Her and place a shield over Her.

WILLIAM: Our Lady is crying. I wish to hold Her and console Her. I see my soul go over to Her and place a shield over Her.

OUR LADY: “I thank you, My beloved son. I ask the whole world to pray, so that the devastation will not be as bad.”

“Pray, My children – and I ask you to pray for France and Germany and the countries of Europe, who are in the Common Market, to stop the progress of the ideological Muslims and that Christians unite, so that Christ will be loved.”

“My dear children, [because] the Antichrist is getting stronger each day, because mankind have forgotten to pray.”

“I will now speak to you privately, My beloved son.”



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