Civil Unrest






The Federal Government has been stockpiling military equipment on non-military agencies since the Obama Administration in preparation for civil unrest and martial law. The stockpiling in the Obama Administration was devoted to the implementation of the New World Order, while the stockpiling in the Trump Administration is devoted to the arrest of criminals of illicit activities, such as treason and human trafficking for sex and harvesting of body parts.

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Expect civil unrest and martial law in major American cities during the arrest, and the incarceration of hardcore criminals in Gitmo, Cuba. The Remnant Army of God is building Safe Heavens to lodge the people of God during this tribulation.

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2 Responses to Civil Unrest

  1. Kathy Mitchell says:

    I rarely watch Lisa Haven as she is a fearmonger but your analysis, Manuel, is much closer to the Truth! Obama had devious intentions of creating strife/civil war and then using the unrest to strip all Americans of their guns. Trump, on the other hand, is planning to stop the liberal crazies like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, etc. when they riot due to impending arrests of their idols! Big difference. Already his people have raided an Antifa complex finding over 1000 guns and a Moslem compound with several thousand guns! I believe he is disarming the radical left to protect Christian Americans and Patriots. I also believe per the Holy Spirit that Trump will be successful. However, it never hurts being prepared to defend one’s self and family!

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