Anna Mewis, June 30, 2019


Translation of the message from Slovak to English.


I, the Heavenly Father, provide you with some important information. I speak through my willing, obedient and humble tools and daughter Anna, who is completely in my will and repeats only the words that come from me. My dear, the evil dragon is like a roaring lion who wants to reap everything given him. Therefore, my beloved,  I want to be with you. Open the door of your heart and connect it with our unified hearts, so your heart will be united with ours. Nothing can happen when you are connected with the Immaculate Heart of the Heavenly Mother. This is the best protection for you all. Don’t worry, but believe it! Connect with faith and do not abandon prayer, sacrifice and reconciliation.

Yes, how many people today are still looking for the truth. Unfortunately today is a true deception. People no longer talk about the truth, and call it a fairy tale. It cannot match reality. How many people strive to find true faith and overlook other religions. Man explains himself incorrectly and turns to one world religion, because the Catholic faith is unfortunately part of this world religion. People are so confused, lost and deceived.

Beloved, I am a true Heavenly Father who loves you wholeheartedly and wants to lead you along the right path. Trust in me and let me lead and drive you. Take my hand, then you can be sure you will not fail. I am the omniscient and almighty three-only God who wants you to take my hand, so that you will not get lost. I’m going after my lost sheep and I bring them back to the right and green meadow. Unfortunately, today there are many sheep lost, which I want to watch because they belong to me and should not dive into eternal damnation.  I want to keep them because I go after every lost sheep and bring it back to met.  I leave 99 sheep to seek the lost sheep.  Every soul is so precious to me.

My beloved children, at this time of complete chaos in the world, I do not allow my sheep to participate in lies. I am a good shepherd and do not leave any lost sheep because today they do not have a shepherd, yes, deaf pastors do not seek the truth. Unfortunately, this truth is no longer mediated. I’m looking for my beloved priests. They gave me their dedication, promise and not to the bishops who spread heresies nowadays.

This pope should listen to the bishops who should warn him, so that he would not continue to spread heresies. Everything is so clearly recognizable. Anything contrary to  the true Catholic faith is not right. Therefore, the bishops have an obligation to raise awareness of the supreme shepherd and he should not misrepresent the religious truths of the Catholic faith and accept his own laws that do not comply with the Catholic faith.

Where are my highest shepherds? Where is the true faith and their responsibility? They became lukewarm and do not dare to be contradicted by the Supreme Shepherd. Unfortunately, they see first their financial support rather than the faith.  It must be firmly anchored in their hearts and they must not hesitate. Unfortunately, they are unable to fully represent the true Catholic faith. My dear, bishops must not deny their  responsibilities and must preach, live and testify the pure faith. How many people are misguided and they can’t come back? How sad is my son Jesus Christ looking at his flock. He chose and called them. Where did you stay?

My son established the sacred sacrament of the altar and also appointed His priests.  They should stand on the altar and rather than  at the dining table.  The altar is a Catholic sacrifice table where is the sacrifice of Jesus’ cross. Christ is present in every holy mass.   That’s complete truth! I say it again quite consistently, throw away these dining tables from the modernist churches and see how quickly the Catholic churches are filled. You can not understand this because Catholics require holiness and cannot find it in modernistic churches. 

How sad is my son Jesus Christ, who sees his lost priests in modernistic dining tables? The Second Vatican Council unfortunately brought so much mischief and  excess that grow to infinity. It is a shame and people are not ashamed when they see that their true faith is crippled.

Priests should know the real Catholic faith. Unfortunately, they do not realize they follow  deviations and are on the wrong path. There are limitations — the Ten Commandments. Why are they no longer respected? Aren’t the seven sacraments the most important thing? Why are you getting rid of them?  You fall in deep infidelity and don’t even notice it. Otherwise you would stop it. My son, Jesus Christ, gave you the legacy of the Holy Eucharist before His death. He always wants to be with you in the Holy Host. It is actually present in body and blood in every community where mass is celebrated in the Trident ceremony according to Pius V. This is the true Catholic faith you want to destroy. You can accept Christ and He will live in your hearts. You can tell him all your troubles and woes and he hears you and never ceases to listen to you. It requires you to become one with Him you when you unite yourself to a priest during the Holy Sacrifice.

Isn’t this a unique belief?  Do you want to abandon this faith? You can never afford it! He is your Lord and the Creator of the whole world. He owns everything. He created a wonderful world for you.  As you walk through the world with your eyes open, you see everywhere an impressive creature that has been created and which should not be destroyed as humanity has set destruction into motion.

My dear children, I love you so much and I can prove it to you again.  I’m sorry to have to provide you with information over again to explain to you how quickly you succumbed to evil.  You forgot evil is wrong. It is trying to catch you and you are not aware of evil.

Unfortunately, it is a pervasive crisis and people can not cope with evil. If  they believed in My Almighty Omniscience, then I could help them. It depends on illumination. I would like to help everybody to unite in families again. Divorces are increasing. Couples do not understand and cannot forgive. Therefore I advise everyone, to receive the sacrament of repentance — holy confession. This will help you to forgive. Why do you ask where you should receive the sacrament of penance? It affects all priests because it depends on sins, your guilt you want to release, and you can confess to any priest. Of course, it is good to have faith in a good priest.

But then you wonder where can I find a good priest today? The Pius brothers and Saint Peter’s brothers celebrate the Holy Sacrifice in the Tridentine ceremony and are not in modernism. You will surely  understand modernism will bring you down. You will be told many false things. You will also judge very quickly every visionary and prophet. Man does not have the gift of discerning distinguishing ghosts. If you judge too quickly, you will not be in control, but will rely on other people’s opinions. However, people’s feelings can often be misleading.

How quickly is a messenger called a sectarian? Is it correct? My beloved, the prophets and the seers, whom I have appointed, often endure great suffering. Mostly endure their suffering with great patience and do not complain about such a great cross.

My little Anna, do not despair when suffering is incomprehensible and it seems too much for you. Many reconciliations are needed today. How are grave sins removed?  Don’t be sad if your own wishes are not met. You do not know how I, the loving Father, see the future and the past. Don’t despair, My beloved children. Time goes by and you realize that everything happened differently, that you could not predict. Don’t despair immediately, but wait with patience what time will bring. May your loving Father guide you and direct you. This is a better than to despair. I just want to do the best for you. It is often the most difficult part. Wear your cross in patience and love, for My Son precedes you on the Cross.  Catholics often do not understand the fact. Do not lose faith, hope and love — practice them. Don’t judge right away, but first look at your own mistakes.

I advise you, because then you will be gentler with others. Now I have given you a lot of information that will definitely help you. I am anxious for every soul because you are very precious to me. No one should plunge into the eternal abysses, because I want to save all and receive them in My Divine Realm. My children’s love should remain your motivation. If you accept it in your heart, your despair will diminish.

In July, immerse all your worries in my Son’s Precious Blood because a small drop of His Blood is so precious. I love all of you without limitations, please remember that this should be your goal and motivation. I want to be with you every day and I’m always open to your needs. Talk to Me. Now I bless you with your Dearest Heavenly Mother and all the angels.  Be vigilant and do not rely on your own powers! Take the Divine Powers when yours are inadequate. Love will continue to be key. If you have love, you can behave  differently.


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