Epstein on Suicide Watch




Jeffrey Epstein, the multi-millionaire being held behind bars on sex trafficking charges, was found injured with marks on his neck inside his New York City jail cell, sources close to the investigation told NBC News.




Epstein will be in the media spotlight for a while., because Law Enforcement is concerned about his sex trafficking partners, which Epstein may reveal or take as a secret to his grave.  Media will continue alert to new developments on the Epstein’s case.

Pray to God to look after victims of sex trafficking and their families, which are living under depression and acute anxiety.  All persons are children of God and are invited to share His Kingdom.

It is nefarious some privileged people despise the least among us, and strip them of their human dignity for heinous sexual and commercial practices.


“And behold, some are last who will be first and some are first who will be last.” (Luke 13:30)


Persons who in their opinion and in reality with respect to privilege, are the first — gifts, office, or profession — will many of them be the last, furthest from the kingdom of God; and many who are the last in privilege will in the day of judgment be first, having more of the favor of God, and taken to Heaven, when some among the privileged shall be cast to Hell.  Be humble!



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