Spiritual War in the End Times






A time of mercy . . . then a time of judgment now.  The beginning of the video seems philosophical and condenses a divine command: “Go to Safe Heavens when I order you,” says Christ.  The Safe Heavens will protect God’s elected, and you should obey God, because the stakes are vey high.

Going to Safe Heavens is not a rapture, rather it is security from the wrath of God poured on evildoers.  The rapture will occur on Christ Second Coming.

The video was produced on July 30, 2019, and published one day later.  Humanity is definitely living The End Times amid The Great Spiritual War.  Heed to the message of Christ — your Redeemer — in the video.

Pray, beloved children, pray: what has been expected has arrived for humanity – you will know of the force of Nature on earth,” said the Blessed Mother to Luz de Maria in the message of July 20, 2019.

“Pray children of God, pray for the United States, this great nation suffers its strongest lesson,” stressed the Archangel Michael to Luz de Maria in the message of July 28, 2019 

Penitence . . . Penitence!



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