Stop Trump Impeachment






Vote on Trump because he was anointed by God to be US President and is endowed with the Charism of Discernment.

Click on the following link to retrieve the article “Discernment: Good and Evil Spirits”.






Be careful globalists, Stop Trump Impeachment, because God will never allow the Antichrist to run America.  The globalist plight is bound to failure and the globalists are bound to Hell because of their allegiance to the New World Order (NWO), the Antichrist and Satan.  Globalists, it is still time to change your allegiance from Satan to Christ.

The majority of the US Senate should quit its gossip about Trump Impeachment, adverts God.  Some globalists infiltrated into the Republican Party and the US Senate.

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Lukewarm Christians, wake up before Satan, grabs you tight with his claws.

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Donald Trump has sent an official letter to inform the House of Representatives that the White House refused to cooperate with the impeachment in part because the full House did not vote on an impeachment inquiry.

The constitution provides in Article I, section 5, that “Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings…,” so really the only entity that can require the House of Representatives to pass a resolution before embarking on an impeachment inquiry is the House of Representatives itself.  If it were found that the inquiry actually was in violation of the house rules, the only remedy lies with the house itself. The courts cannot intervene. There is no current requirement for a resolution to be voted on by the House to initiate a formal, official impeachment inquiry.

During the Clinton and Nixon impeachment inquiries, the House passed their inquiry resolutions so they could gain tools like more subpoena power and depositions, and included in those resolutions were nods to bipartisanship that gave the minority party subpoena power, too.

The House rules have changed since the last impeachment of a president more than two decades ago. In this Congress, the House majority already has unilateral subpoena power, but the matter would move on the Judiciary Committee.

The impeachment must be voted by the US Senate and should be dead on arrival (DOA), because the Senate majority is Republican.  Some independent experts claim Nancy Pelosi’s caucus has no grounds to impeach President Trump.






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