Woe to America






God’s poem gave me three basic ideas — evil rebuke, evangelization and the Holy Spirit — the article “Live in the Spirit” encompasses the ideas.

Click on the following link to retrieve the article.






President Donald Trump inherited corruption and debt from the previous administration. He should have exposed the debt and the state of the economy to the nation when he took office, instead of focusing on the traditional achievements of the first 100 days of his administration.

We have ominous signs of an economic collapse and a stock market crash.  The economic and financial storm is upon us . . . on the timeline countdown.  Divided America faces social, polital and economic woes, and God will not delay the inevitable judgement on abortion.

California  remains on the abomination forefront and on the radar of God’s wrath.  Penance . . . penance to prevent divine chastisement through nature.  Such potential chastisement may spark the economic collapse and the stock market crash.  Have mercy on us Almighty God . . .



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