American Spirituality and Judgment






Holy Family Refuge Messages


November 14, 2019


The Almighty Father describes America’s political, social and spiritual aspects, and warns the nation about judgment.


God the Father speaks:  Our beloved children of Heaven and Earth, I have told you many times that if you do not stop abortion, same-sex marriage, and sins of the flesh, I would stop America and all the World.  I have also told you that your President and Vice President were sent from Heaven to drive the evil out of the White House.  I have also personally warned your Democrat Party that if they did NOT follow your President, I would destroy the Democrat Party.

Look what you are doing, trying to destroy My leaders that I, God the Father, sent to save your country.  I have sent disaster after disaster to try to get you to stop abortion.  I have told you personally that if abortion and sins of the flesh are not made illegal in your country, your country will be destroyed.  Most of the souls of the people who gave testimony against your President yesterday are on the edge of hell and ready to fall into hell if they died today.  I tell all of them to get on their knees today and ask forgiveness.

My children, you are not following the Ten Commandments of God and the Democrats are fighting against your President for the same things that your last President was guilty of.  They are just trying to cover up their own crimes.  You had a Communist President for eight years who tried to take America down and give it over to the Deep State.  Now, the Democrats know that Our President is going to convict all of them if they do not take him down.  Wake up and ask forgiveness so I, God, can still save your souls.

The storms and disasters will keep getting worse all over the world unless abortion and same-sex marriage are outlawed.  The days are being counted down before millions will die if abortion and same-sex marriage are not stopped.  There is no such thing as same-sex marriage, it is all satan’s relationships, not My relationships.  There is no such thing as same-sex marriage in the laws of God the Father of Heaven and Earth.  Love, God the Father of Heaven and Earth.  The time is here.



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