Nine Prophecies






God is punishing the inhabitants of the Earth to separate the good from the evil.  The world, as we know it, is coming to an end . . . and then God will create a New Heaven and New Earth.


He gave us Nine Prophecies.

  1. Construct Safe Havens.   Gold and silver will rise in price to fund the constructions, and His children will Go Indoors for refuge.

  2. An outbreak of the Ebola virus will infect and kill many people in many nations.  Bear Fruits of the Holy Spirit to avoid the infection.

  3. Wickedness exists in High Places.

  4. Okinawa will be destroyed again.

  5. Fruits trees will be under attack.  Pray against this woe.

  6. Severe weather phenomena will prevail everywhere.

  7. The Bible is a lamp under your feet.  Read and Pray the Bible.

  8.  The Stock Market Crash is God’s Chastisement for Abortion.  The crash will cause cooperation among people.

  9. Christ Second Coming is NIGH.



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