Future Events






“Love one another bride of Jesus,” says the Almighty Father.

Your future is death and eternal hell unless you are chosen for the rapture.  Are you ready to stand before Jesus and pass His judgment?  Will you walk with Jesus in Our Kingdom?

Cataclysms, such as plagues, volcanoes, and hurricanes will come to pass.  Volcanoes will explode at any moment.  “Will the knowledge of your future change your relationship with Me,”  asks the Heavenly Father.

President Trump should close borders and quarantine people coming from unsafe places.  Much turmoil will hit America!  Take your eyes from the world to prevent to follow the world into Hell and place them in Our Kingdom.

The Book of Revelation will come to pass, and the Holy Spirit will advise you to go into Safe Havens . . . [ if danger comes your way. ]



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