Petrus Romanus, March 1, 2020


OUR LADY: “I greet you, My beloved son, the ‘White Stone of Revelation’! I come today, My son and My children, because mankind is slowly engulfing himself [itself] in the danger of capitulating into the world a great danger, where sickness will take many of Our children unexpectedly. The virus, which has now grabbed many unprepared children into a world which they [have] simply ignored and forgotten, but nevertheless very real when you find yourselves going over the veil.”

“This coronavirus is one which has surprised many, for now it is closing down world events. This is a punishment for man as he continues to grow away from Us. There is a cure. Read the Messages from Heaven and you will know what to do. This is only the beginning, for there is one that will come soon that will affect the heart. It will bring an infection in the walls of the heart causing many deaths – but there is a cure if you will it – and it is Hawthorn made into a tea and Holy Water. It has a simple remedy, but mankind will think it is too easy, therefore they will not find it till later, when many would have died.”

“You see, My precious wondering children, you will not learn, because you have closed your hearts and will, to simply pray and ask God to help you.”

“Today I have come as Our Lady of Revelation. It is good if My children read the Revelation I gave to a man from Italy – to show My children what they can and must do, to save their souls and to please the Heart of God, because He raised a very sinful man and brought him out of darkness into the Light of God.”

“My beloved children, the world goes into great darkness and it is for this reason I have asked Saint Michael to rescue My children from the Hellish darkness they have found themselves in and to learn from the great Revelations I gave last century when the world came out of darkness for a short time and mankind must do the same now, because the Evil One has his claws everywhere and [is] dragging My children into a life of wickedness and grave sin.”

“My beloved children, today I hold the Staff of Life, as it represents My future Vicar, Peter Abraham, who will ascend the Throne very shortly – though he will not reign as other Vicars, but he will reign, giving the children of the world the Truth and Light of Jesus Christ – the True Messiah – and will guide the flock into everlasting light. I ask My children to pray for him, because he is being prepared in the Light of My Divine Son, to help My children in the darkest hour. He has been chained for a long time, like the Prophets of Old, but he is My holy son, chosen for the End Times, because, very soon, Pope Benedict will be removed, My children and the Church will go into deep darkness. But always have faith, because it will be through Peter Abraham II that the Church will shine – but dark days will shadow the Truth, but the Faith will be strengthened even while it becomes buried.”

“My beloved children of Australia, Heaven has given you a reprieve through the rain, as it is God’s Blessing, but the rain will fall much more, bringing many floods to your land, but with it, it will bring a virus and disease, which will affect the body, as God is going to chastise the ungrateful people of Australia. The Coastline will be pulled away by the seas in many places of Australia and the City of Nowra will be strongly scourged, as they have denied My Personal coming to that City and it will be only when the Diocese of Wollongong and the people of Nowra have asked for God’s Mercy and Forgiveness for this crime; God’s Vengeance and Justice will continue on the City of Nowra and Wollongong. Once they have repented and opened up the door of the Sacred Grounds of Cambewarra, to help people to come to My Grounds for healing and conversions, the chastisements will fall. But know this, the Holy Grounds and St Charbel property will remain sound and protected. Very soon, My son, you will return there and Miracles will flow.”

“My children, I ask you to read and digest the Messages of Maria Divine Mercy, because it is very important, because in these Messages are the directions for all of My children to follow because they are the last Public Messages to the world. But always remember, there are currently 17 major Apparition Places receiving Messages, which are also true. Remember children to pray for your Seers and Mystics, because it is through them that you will still receive the Messages from Heaven, but slowly they will stop. So always remember to pray and stay united.”

“My children, pray hard, because the Antichrist is making his move to rule the world very soon, as his time is very close. Do not think he is bringing the viruses, because it is the Eternal Father – but the Antichrist is working very hard to bring forth the One World Church and the One World Government – but most of all he will bring the Third World War. Before he manoeuvres the men and countries, God will send forth the Great Awakening – the Comet, or Asteroid – that will hit the world and bring much calamity and ruin.”

“Know this, My children, the Third World War is the entrance that Satan – the Antichrist – needs to begin his reign. Therefore, offer up many prayers, sweet children, because the countries in Europe will be under much stress within a short time.”

“As for the Planets, sweet children – which I allowed My beloved son to see – they are in a straight line, which means when they come into line, then know the Warning is near.”

“I love you, My children. Say one decade with Me of the Holy Rosary, asking for Divine Mercy from My Divine Son, Jesus. I love you, sweet children and with the Staff that I carry, which belongs to Peter Abraham II, I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Keep faithful and strong. I love you, sweet children and don’t forget to say at least one Rosary a day. I love each and every one of you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And you, My sweet Angel of Divine Love, I wish to speak to you privately.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady told me about certain souls and Blessed them and me:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: Our Lady has gone now.


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