Woe to Humanity






Coronavirus is a woe to bring Humanity to its knees for repentance, prayer and fasting.  A monster has created a highly contagious virus to control population eliminating the elderly and the weak.

Man has become his own God and has messed with God’s creation.  God is the absolute creator, do not mess either with Him and His Creation.  Stop abortion America, because the nation is exposing itself to God’s wrath and the cup of God’s indignation is full.  The seals of the Book of Revelation will open on schedule and bring  much owe to Humanity to fall on its knees, recognize its creator and ask Him for pardon and strength to avoid sin.

The American elite has created much fake money, the national debt is huge, and will bring the nation to an economic and financial crash.




America must fix its economy and it will fix the stock market.  Irrational money printing is causing the erosion of our middle class and transforming the most powerful nation under the sun into a banana republic.

Has our brain trust in Washington DC considered trickle up fiscal policy and subsidies to American companies to enhance our supply chain and decrease foreign dependency?  The actual disruptive supply chain is a capital sin of globalism.

China has become a world power, is menacing sovereignties in the South China Sea, and will be a threat to America during World War III.  Man engineered the coronavirus, a bioweapon in China, which evaded the laboratory, killed first the bioweapon creators, spread chaos throughout China and then to the world at large.






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