New America






I subscribed Gregory Mannarino’s program for a month, and deem his financial insights invaluable.  A former physician, Mannarino is a bright, informed futurist.

How will the New America profile contrast with the New World Order?




Click on the following link to retrieve the article “New World Order”.


Note: The article belongs to the New World Order Package.




Will the US dollar become a single exchange unit?  Will Americans, for example, keep  their rights of freedom of speech and religion?  Will America be with or against the New World Order, and The Antichrist?  Time will tell . . .

The article New World Order scared me, then Jesus gave me a message through a stigmatic seer, “Tell Manuel to quit gloom and doom and care about the salvation of souls.”  I obeyed Christ . . . I am an anointed Messenger of the Holy Spirit for The End Times.



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