Petrus Romanus, 04-04-20



The Superior of the Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother

To Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Deacons,
To men and women religious,
To all the Communities around the World,
To all Romanists,
To Petit Reste,
To all souls of good will,

May the Peace of Christ be with you!

The world is in danger. The Times we are going through are very difficult. God Our Father calls His Children to conversion, to return to the Truth, to His Son Jesus Christ. He sent Our Most Holy Mother, the Redemptive Mother to save Humanity. Let us be aware of Our Father’s Love.

Again and again, He is considerate, he watches over His Little Rest.

Again and again, He will warn us by The Most Holy Virgin Mary, Our Redemptive Mother.

Again and again, we will revel in this Tender and Merciful Love.

Children of God, thanks to Our Mother, the Romanists were able to take shelter, in Unity and Perpetual Prayer. Our Lady asked them to follow His advice to protect themselves from this man-made Virus to destroy and destroy.

The faithful of the Mission listened to the Most Holy Virgin and took shelter, having planned everything beforehand so as not to lack either food or sanitary facilities.

Notre Dame warned us of EVERYTHING, before the containment decreed by the President was put in place.

Many people around the world risk their lives every day because they are starved for food.

This deadly virus is very dangerous. Notre Dame is warning you against this drug everyone is talking about: Chloroquine. This drug is very dangerous, don’t take it, She said! Don’t take it!

Let us be confident and obey.

Children of God, dear faithful of Peter II, Our Lady also tells us that India and Africa will soon be hit hard by this pandemic. Many innocent people will die. These countries will be seriously affected by the pandemic.

In India, after the pandemic, and at the time provided by God, the waters will surge. India will be devastated by water. Many will die.

Our Lady also tells us that soon the world will have great financial difficulties. The economic crisis is there. Borrowing rates will be very high. The difficulties will be there.

Children of God, together let us support ourselves, support the Mission of our Peter II, of Petrus Romanus, of Peter the Roman, our Last Pope.

Let’s not be afraid to go forward and work for the Mission entrusted to us, that of electing our Sovereign Pontiff.

Dear Romanists, let us entrust to Notre Dame the sufferings of Petrus Romanus, the intentions of our Sovereign Pierre Le Romain.

Long live Petrus Romanus.

May God give His blessing!

I assure you of my prayers and my affection. I give you the blessing Amen

The Superior of the Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother



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