Petrus Romanus, 04-25-20



WILLIAM: I see Jesus stand before me. He is dressed in red and has on a golden belt and is wearing a beautiful Crown with three points to it. He smiles and stands right in front of me. He has brought two lovely Angels who are beside Him. They look like Cherubim, but they are much taller. One is holding the Body and Blood of Jesus and the other the Ten Commandments. Jesus holds out His Hands, which have the Holy Wounds and He gives me His right Hand – and I kiss It.

OUR LORD: “I greet you, My  beloved son of My Sacred Heart! Remain at peace, for I wish to speak to My people who are undergoing great trial and uncertainties.”

“My sweet children let not the current Virus unsettle you, because I had to allow mankind to experience what the world would do. As you can now see the world has gone into lockdown, believing it will control the Virus, but in actual fact, mankind has moved swiftly to bring mankind to shock and people have accepted it as a normal routine, where mankind has followed the norm, because the Authorities have demanded it.”

“But, My children, mankind through the Elite, has brought this about, because they needed to know how they were going to control the masses, but had My children – those in authority – spoken out, they (the Elite) would not have control of the human race, but [mankind would] have been able to keep the shops and work force active and alive and would have stopped the pandemic slowly.”

“My people, who have been misled and guided to follow the direction of the Elite, will now see what the enemy are [is] doing. My children, be strong, turn to Me and I will guide you towards relief, but be prepared, as a stronger Virus will come; be prepared, for I will guide you – so be not afraid.”

“My children of the world, watch and pray, so that you will be guided through these Viruses, because the Elite are trying to reduce the world population, so that they can finally bring forth the reign of the Antichrist, who is awaiting his role in world affairs.”

“Through these pandemics the enemy wishes to know who are with Me and those who are with the evil one, through the weaknesses that they demonstrate. But remain firm in your beliefs, My children, because each day is a closer day when My Illumination of Conscience is drawing nearer.”

“My beloved children, these events will bring you closer to the Third World War, because even though mankind is closing men up, in reality they drive men to action; they do not believe that it will happen. But, My children, watch and see how men are driven towards unthinkable acts.”

“The Churches are closed to men, but those who have strong faith can still offer the Sacrifice of the Eucharist the same way as those who are persecuted for their faith – because I tell you most lovingly that My Sacrifice of the Mass will continue until the last day of the world, when all the Holy Eucharists will ascend into Heaven and a cry of Victory will sound throughout the world, because the Victory of My Second Coming has arrived.”

“My children, remain at peace and know that I love you and hear your cries. But be not troubled, because I, your Savior, am very near to all of you.”

“Soon the borders will open to allow travelers to move around once again, but know this, the authorities are making sure that all members of the human race are identified – but even if they do not have everyone, they – the Elite – will produce another disease until everyone on earth has been identified, as they will bring in the Mark to place on your forehead and wrist. But be not afraid, because those who follow Me will refuse it.”

“My children, as you see, the Powers of the world try to control all. You need not fear, because you know what is happening. The One World Government – the One World Religion – is about to take shape, but, My children, you have nothing to fear for soon the Great Warning will come. But before this, the Great War will come; be at Peace and know that I and My Most Holy Mother are there always to help you and remember the countless Angels I have spread throughout the world to protect you.”

“Soon the Nations of Europe will divide and form the Ten Kingdoms which will rule the world.”

“Pray, My children, for the U.S.A., because this country will suffer much. Pray for Australia, because this Nation has lost much of its Faith and will suffer much because of this.”

“Know this, My sweet children, when the Virus goes away, which it will very soon, the Middle East will become the news of the day, because the great wars that have been halted for a while will begin again and the Muslim Regime; will begin its moves upon an unsettled Europe.”

“Pray, sweet children, because Pope Francis is planning his move to introduce the One World Church, which will bring Sacrilegious Practices into Holy Mother Church.”

“Pray for South America, because the Evil One is planning to take over, bringing much suffering upon the land and people. I Bless all My sweet children: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved son, your army is about to grow into the Army of God’s Chosen Souls. Be at peace, because shortly you will be free and travel the world to prepare all My children. I Love you, son and Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

St Alphaletous and St Moselelitolus Bless you, My son; these two Angels of the Seraphim Angels [Choir] are one of the Holy Eucharist and one of the Holy Scripture – the Ten Commandments. They are Angels given to you. They bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Be at peace. I Love you immensely.

Jesus, the Loving Light.

“Pray, sweet children for the Fallen Soldiers of all Wars.”

WILLIAM: The last item that I wish to place with this Message is that Our Lord also said that what is coming on the world: the ipads and cell phones and other communications will be disrupted by forces from the outside of our earth and the earth will be invaded by rocks from out of space, because of the disruption of communications of mankind.

See also this Youtube video: “Everything that is happening now is on schedule”



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