The Coronavirus






The Coronavirus is a way to control you in every way.

You are experiencing the super powerful organizations controlled by the Illuminati and the Freemason organizations to reduce the world population, so that the Antichrist can take over. It is to control the public  and bring the world into World War III.

The organizations plan a Virus worse than the Coronavirus to produce to control all humanity — making it forceful — with a mark of recognition. Do not succumb to the authorities, and remove the Viruses seeking God’s Blessings through protection prayers. Use the remedies * the “Good Samaritan Oil” for the Coronavirus  and Hawthorn for the next Virus.


  * Luz de Maria Website


  • “The second Virus will hit the heart and lungs, to bring mankind to its knees. The signs to the world are clear: mankind must turn to God and ask for forgiveness. From these epidemics, mankind will desire the Ten Kingdoms to rule the world and the unification of all Religions to falsely proclaim the Reign of the Antichrist. Pray and watch how humanity will be swayed to hand things over to the Antichrist, but before all is achieved, the Muslim world will attack the free world in Europe and the Middle East, so the Antichrist will be able to show his power and strength.” 



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