Antichrist Revelation Is Nigh


May 15, 2020

Christ’s Message to Enoch

Synopsis of Christ’s Message to Enoch

My Peace be with you, my Beloved People.

In a very short time, you will no longer have my Houses open, because the time of the great abomination is beginning. The children of darkness are preparing to welcome their master and they are primarily aimed at attacking my Houses, destroying my Tabernacles, and Desecrating My Divinity.

My Holy Sacrifice will soon be permanently suspended; my faithful children will be persecuted, tortured, imprisoned, and many, because of their faith and of my Gospel, will be martyrs. After the passage of the pandemics, only my Warning and Miracle are to happen, for the last reign of my adversary to begin. Charity will cool to the maximum, apostasy will reign, and wickedness will be set loose.

Heaven will not abandon you; my Mother will be the Tabernacle, where I will remain in those days of anguish and of desolation. Do not separate from Her, for my Mother will protect you like the hen with its chicks. Through the prayer of the Holy Rosary, you will communicate with my Mother and with Me. The Spiritual Armor is vital to your defense and protection, therefore it must remain spiritually placed in your body morning and night. The power of the Spiritual Armor protects you from the attacks of the evil entities already present in your world. The forces of evil know who belongs to my Flock, you must be well protected spiritually, so that they cannot harm you.

The days of the great tribulation are near; stand firm in the faith, despite the difficulties you have to go through. Think of the Glory that awaits you and the dawn of a new morning; where you will be with Me, until the end of times.

Your Teacher, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.


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