Warning Ends Mercy


June 01, 2020

Call from God the Father to Humanity

Message to Enoch

[ Synopsis ]

My Peace be with you.

Listen Israel,

The Great Tribulation for humanity is about to arrive; poor children of mine, my Divine Justice will catch you away from ME! Great events will change the destiny of humanity, The Tribulation is coming!

Wake up for the Angel of my Justice is near; do not continue in debauchery and sin, because time has begun its countdown and what is missing is very little! With the Warning my Mercy will end, and this great event is knocking at the door of your soul.

Understand sinful humanity, if the Warning catches you in mortal sin, you run the risk of being lost in your passage through eternity! Reconsider and straighten your live before my Warning, because the fire of hell awaits you in eternity if you continue to sin!

I am your Father, and I am more than a Judge; Therefore, I do not want you to know my Justice. My desire is that you will live eternally; welcome Mercy before my Warning comes. I make these last calls to you: prostitutes, homosexuals, adulterers, lustful, you who fornicate, you who live a bad life, and the sexual impure in general; alcoholics, drug addicts, thieves, fraudsters, liars, envious, proud, idolatrous, greedy, murderers, sorcerers and the other sinners who walk through this world without God and without Law. None of you who keep on sinning will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. (Ephesians 5, 5)(Revelation 22, 15) (1 Corinthians 6. 9.10)

Cut once and for all with sin, and welcome Me, your Father, so that tomorrow you may have Eternal Life! Remember: The greater the sin, the greater is my Mercy, if you turn to Me, with a contrite and humiliated heart. A contrite and humiliated heart, never I, your Father, despise. (Psalm 51,17) Wake up from your spiritual lethargy and sin no more. I am waiting to embrace you, forgive you and pour out my Mercy upon you.

Your Father

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