An armistice is a formal agreement of warring parties to stop fighting. while an attempt is made to negotiate a lasting peace.

Focus on minutes 18 to 20 of the video.

Do not run for Safe Havens yet.

You will go behind closed doors while the Almighty Father’s indignation pours on the Earth. You are preparing Safe Havens for this time.

Evil is rising its ugly head to take over the world.

The Almighty Father has His timing when His indignation will descend and the inhabitants of the Earth His wrath.

The birth pains have hardly started and God’s judgment will happen as evil rises its head.

Vote for President Trump again and keep evil away from the White House forever. It is a prophetic word that will come to pass.

The Holy Spirit is moving across America.

Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will occur. Wind, rain and storms will manifest the Almighty Father’s indignation.

America will be stopped form hatred and evil. Lawlessness wishes to take over, but it will not succeed. Vote on the side standing for life, peace and freedom.

Stop panicking! Build the Safe Havens and the Holy Spirit will guide you to them.


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