Petrus Romanus, 08-15-20


OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you My beloved son, instrument of God – an instrument for the salvation of Holy Mother Church. I greet all of My beloved children throughout the world and I Bless you today: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen”

“Today, on this great Feast Day for Holy Mother Church – My Assumption into Heaven – where I received My Reward of [for] following the Word of God. This is what I ask [of] all of our children that [who] listen to the Word of God and follow It. For all the Children of the Light understand where the world stands now, for many of our children have gone astray and many are following their own will and not listening to the Will of God, because Our children have become [fallen] asleep in the midst of the anguish that the Pandemic has caused.”

“My children, can you not see that this Pandemic has closed you off from God and yet it should not be, for the cross that God has allowed, was to bring you closer to God, but mankind has shut the most Holy Trinity out. My children, do you not think that it is time to wake up from your slumber and turn with prayers to your God.”

“The times that you live in, are causing mankind a lot of anguish and suffering. Many have died unprepared, because many of them are of old age and you would think that Our children would acknowledge God, but instead, mankind has become bitter. My children, My children, I ask you once again, to dedicate your lives to God. Offer up your hearts, your suffering and your needs, because God knows all that you need and [you can] turn this suffering into good.”

“My children of the world, you must know now, that all of mankind are in suffering, so that mankind will recognise what God is planning for the world. The time of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is near, but not so close that mankind believes that time has run out for mankind, to return fully into the Arms of their Saviour, Jesus Christ. The plan has been set My children and this Virus is a preparation for mankind, because the world has gone down to suffer poverty and to bring mankind to more sorrows.”

“It is time for our children to read the Apocalypse, for My children to understand where mankind is going. It is only prayer that will change the world, dear children and it is time to allow yourselves the freedom to choose between good and evil, because Satan has raised his henchman the Antichrist, to take over the world and to bring mankind to its own destruction, for the Antichrist is only waiting to be accepted by humanity.”

“Over the world, the Devil is planning to bring sorrow upon sorrow, through the Great War that will come soon upon mankind. But before this comes, I seek all of Our children to consecrate themselves to the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus and to My Immaculate Heart, because, even though time is short, God has given mankind time to think, to meditate and pray.”

“When the Great War begins, My children will recognise that they live at the end of time, because My sweet children time is very short. The countries of the Middle East are not stopped because of the weakness of sin. On the contrary, most of the countries are preparing for the invasion of the West, because My children of Europe are asleep.”

“Pray therefore, that God’s Mercy will fall upon mankind, so that they recognise what is to come upon mankind very shortly. Pray dear children for the countries of Germany, France, Italy and Britain because these countries will have many problems arising very soon. Pray for China, for China wishes to expand and its power will be felt by many, because China desires control of humanity. But within the walls of China I am raising an army of faithful souls and these souls will defend the Truth one day, because it is Our Will that the Chinese people be given the opportunity to show Glory to the most Holy Trinity and My Son and I have chosen a soul that [who] will become very close to you, My son and this soul has received extraordinary Grace from God. You know of whom I speak and you will meet this soul very soon.”

“My children, I ask all of those that [who] follow Me, to take up the beads of love and offer them every day to My Divine Son, because He suffers much to see His children so far away from Him. It is My Holy Will that all Apparition Sites in the world will give Glory to God in a special way, in the coming months as My children prepare for the many Chastisements that will come to the world and the Great Warning.”

“Keep an eye on the skies sweet children, for soon mankind will see a Mysterious Light and this will bring a great warning to mankind, that the time-of-times is now here. In the short years that you have left, sweet children, I want each man, woman and child to dedicate themselves to the Triune God and to My Immaculate Heart, to prepare you for the Second Coming of My Divine Son, Jesus.”

“Be not afraid dear children, you have My Love and I Bless you all: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen”

“My sweetest child, I will speak to you privately now …”

“Continue to go forward, sweet children, because We love you very much and soon My dear son, you shall become the Vicar for Holy Mother Church. Pray for Pope Benedict that he be strengthened and I Bless you and I Bless all the children of the earth.”

“Pray for your country Australia, dear son, because soon Australia will be chastised much more than it has been. I love you dear son and I kiss you with My Most Immaculate Heart.”

These flowers are for you, dear child and I thank you for being obedient to the Will of God and My Immaculate Heart.”

“Soon you will receive word from the other Seers and Mystics whom I wish will all become united with you. I love you, dear son. Continue with what you are doing in patience: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: Thank you dear Mother!

Our Lady, with St Michael and the Angels, slowly go back to Heaven and the Angels are singing and throwing beautiful flowers.

(At 6.30 am on 13th August, I had a Vision of Conchita of Garabandal. She had the Wounds of Jesus. She told me the Great Warning will be here soon.)


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