Awake America



Focus on the minute one to five for the Almighty Father’s message.

“I want you to know that in the midst of this chaos I am still Your Father. I chastise my children when they go astray and think the world has all the answers to joy and happiness. When you cannot find joy and happiness, you finally realize I am all you need to have peace in the midst of the storms of life,” said the Almighty Father.

He told what will happen next.

(01) Trump will win reelection by my divine intervention.

(02) I will continue to motivate those in authority to stop abortion.

(03) Safe Havens will be built during the time of armistice.

(04) The Antichrist will rise and seduce the nations.

(05) America will not fall to the Antichrist.

(06) America She will protect Israel and I will bless America.

(07) A scarcity of food and other items will be worse than the last scarcity.

(08) The weather will be strange with record breaking storms.

(09) Cities will become unsafe to live in as evil will dwell there.

(10) Earthquakes will occur.

(11) Gold and silver will rise in price.

(12) Store food, water and supplies.

(13) President Trump will become one of the best American Presidents.

He will save the economy and America will become a global Safe Haven.

(14) You will go to Safe Heavens to avoid storms and natural disasters.

(15) The world will be unstable until Christ Second Coming.


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