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Message of Our Lady

April 16, 2011

Catarina is a seer from Bolivia who has the Passion of the Lord’s stigmata.

Catarina recently revealed.

One day the Blessed Virgin said to me:

“I want you to know the Holy Mass . . . Today will be a teaching day: you will learn many things, and I want you to pass them on to all My children . . .”

The Penitential Prayer came, and the Blessed Virgin said:

“Please stand in the presence of the Lord, and ask him with all your heart to make you worthy of being present at this Holy Mass.
You’ve arrived at the last minute . . . without prior preparation! Why do you arrive at Holy Mass at the last minute? You must arrive a few minutes earlier, to be in the presence of God, to ask the Holy Spirit to come to you, to send His love and Spirit of peace, so that you can make the most of the holy Mass.”

The Liturgy of the Word arrived and the Virgin Mary said:

“Be attentive, please listen . . . It’s a very important moment for you.
The Word of the Lord says that His Word does not return to Him without having borne fruit. Therefore, if you pay attention and during the day you are attentive to the Readings, you will meditate this Word of God throughout the day; It will bear fruit on you.
Therefore pay attention to this part.”

When the Offertory arrived, Our Lady said immediately:


The church began to fill with beautiful Beings, with light on their faces – Let’s see if I can describe this vision! Tall, beautiful beings – so beautiful that they even had feminine traits. Some with long hair, others with short hair; some with thin and straight hair, others with curly hair (scratched), dark, blond; but with very beautiful faces, very beautiful. They lined up in the center and began to approach the altar. Some carried a kind of paten, something that shone brightly: they approached happily… others went with fallen arms, and had nothing in their hands; and behind, there were others with low hair and their hands in prayer, but very sad, ashamed.

Our Lady said:
“They are the Guardian Angels of every one of those here.”
And then, about the happy angels who carried the brilliant paten, she said:
” . . . As you bring your offerings to the altar of God to join the priest’s offer of wine, water and bread – which will then be transformed into the Body and Blood of the Lord – your offering also becomes an offering of love. You yourselves have no merit, for you are wretched creatures; but your offerings and requests to God the Father – united to the redemptive Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, to His Body at this moment of the Transfiguration – have immense value before God the Father… This is the only way to justify your passage through the earth: the merits of Jesus.
The Angels who have their arms down are from the people who have nothing to ask for, or to offer.
The Mass has an infinite value . . . You understand that! You do not know the value of the Mass; you’re going to understand it, when you’re on the other side… I ask you, do not be selfish: remember the neighbor, the poor, the needy, the sinners, the politicians, the prisoners, the sick….I asked for it, but also offer it, because it pleases the Lord: offer yourself for Him to do His will in you, so that He may transform you, and I may make you other Christs.
The ANGELS who go dispirited with folded hands, ashamed are the angels of the people who, despite being at Mass, walk with their minds wandering, and are not paying attention. Then their angels feel ashamed, because the people should not be there: they do not participate in Mass, shame their GUARDIAN ANGELS, and offend the Lord.”

At the moment the “sanctus” began, and the whole assembly said, “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of the universe . . .”, suddenly everything behind the Priest disappeared: walls, ceiling, everything . . . To the left of the Priest, in the direction of a corner, diagonally with the Priest in relation to his left arm, was a multitude of ANGELS: small angels , big angels, angels with wings, angels without wings; beautiful beings, in infinite quantity, singing in various choirs the most beautiful melody you can imagine.
They all repeated, “Holy, holy, holy, Lord . . .”, with folded hands put, as they prostrate on their knees.
On the other side of the Priest, from the right to back, was a multitude of beings: they were the blessed Saints of Heaven. Our Lady told me that when mass is offered and the deceased are prayed for and are mentally appointed, the Lord grants the grace that at that time they become present. She said to me:
“Ask for your father, for your grandmother; ask for yours.”
I could see them all there. They had St. Joseph as chief. They were too close to the priest’s arm.

The Blessed Virgin was on her knees, to the right of the altar, in an attitude of respect, veneration and worship, listening attentively to all the priest said, waiting for the moment to worship the Holy Trinity.
The Priest pronounced the words of consecration . . . and I stopped hearing his voice. Suddenly Jesus kept repeating: “Take and eat . . .”
In front of the altar, at the front, it suddenly lit up like a fire, some very bright flames of golden red color. I couldn’t see people’s faces: they were shadows of people, sad shadows, (gray), with their arms raised up. And Our Lady said, “They are the souls of purgatory who are waiting for a prayer of yours to get them out of there. Pray for them, because when they leave Purgatory, they will pray for you and help you.
“During the Consecration, when the Priest raised the Holy Host, his face suddenly began to shine very, very much . . . until you see a strong golden white light. At the same time the priest’s body – he was shallow – was transfigured: he suddenly became a tall man – because JESUS was a robust and beautiful man… I noticed when He lifted up The Host and Saw His wounds: it was not the priest, it was Jesus who was there in his place… It was Jesus himself; and His body involved the priest’s body. And Our Lady said to me:
NEVER LOOK IF THE PRIEST IS GOOD OR BAD. The hands of a priest are consecrated and he becomes “Christ Himself”.
The consecrated fingers of priests will be recognized in Purgatory and even in hell; and will burn with a special fire. All will recognize and censor.”
When the Holy Host was raised, a bright light was created in Him, it was Jesus who stood in the Holy Host.
When you receive The Holy Host, it is not only Jesus: it is the Most Holy Trinity.

When the priest raised the chalice, there was lightning and thunder, and a terrible darkness: I saw Jesus crucified, his face very deformed, very wounded, bleeding… Blood and water came out of His breast, and fell abundantly into the chalice.
When the Priest was consecrating the cup, came out of the great Light above Jesus crucified, a small bird of light, which stood on the priest’s shoulder and in Jesus. It’s just that above Jesus crucified was a very bright, enormous Light. I can’t see the face, but I saw some hands open to the sides, as to indicate to us: “This is My beloved Son… This is My Son… look at what you’re contemplating.” I realized it was God the Father’s hands and the Holy Trinity’s presence.
Our Lady asked me to pray for the celebratory priest. We pray for the Church, the Pope, the Bishops, the People of God . . . at that moment and when the priest communes, we must all ask for him: “Lord, sanctify, forgive, help, protect, bless and love him . . .” The important thing is to ask for him.
The Blessed Virgin said:
“You run after all the apparitions, and it is not evil…, you go to the places where I appear, and it is not evil, because you indeed receive many graces. But be clear: I am within everyone’s reach; but I am never more present in an apparition than at Holy Mass.”

It came after the Embrace of Peace and the preparation for Communion.

As I moved to go to commune, Jesus said, “Wait a moment, and watch.”

A lady who had confessed in the morning was about to receive communion. I saw her from behind. And the moment the Priest put the Holy Host in her mouth, he went through a strong light: he went out behind his back and then wrapping his shoulders and face. And Jesus said:

“This is how I embrace a heart that comes to receive me clean of stains, pure . . .”

Around this lady there was a great light… At the moment of communion, God really embraces us. How much God loves us!

In front of me, there was a lady on her knees. Suddenly Jesus said to me:


She had her mouth shut, but I began to hear as if she spoke: I was listening to her prayer.
It started with a list like this: “Lord, please, I can’t take my husband’s drinking anymore: stop drinking! Lord, think of my son . . . do not forget my son: he must pass the year, otherwise it is the second time he will repeat, and you cannot allow it, Lord; You have to help him! The rent is coming, and I will not have enough money, Sir…, and the college, and the light . . .”
A quiet time . . . and the Priest said, Let us pray…”Let us stand up. And Jesus said to me in a very sad tone:

“Did you see? Not once she told Me that she loves Me; not once she thanked Me for the gift I made to her in coming and giving My divinity to join her humanity!…”

I asked for forgiveness because . . . how many times have I done the same: ask and ask, and not thank Him, and not tell Him how much I love Him… and how much I need him, and how well He has done me to receive Him… The benefactor likes to receive thanks from the people he does some favors to. Yes, JESUS IS THE BEGGAR OF LOVE. He says, in one of His messages:

“I, who am God, the beggar of love . . . And all I ask is your love… I come to ask for your love; I come in search of your love . . .”
At the time of the Blessing, Our Lady again took the floor and said:
“Please pay attention to this moment, and make the Sign of the Cross: it may be the last Blessing of your life. Receive with fervor, respect and love the Blessing the priest gives in the name of the Most Holy Trinity . . .”

On the way out, Jesus said:

“Stay a little longer: I need to tell you something: – You organize your life to have one day for everything: to visit family members and friends . . . to schedule your vacation, your work . . . But what is the day when, as a family, even once a month, you say: is today the day when we go to visit Jesus together? Come and stay . . . only half an hour in My presence. If you have nothing to say to Me, be silent, or say, Jesus, I love you; I want to do your will… There’s no need to write prayers. Let me look at you, cheer you up and fill you with all I want.”

The article is a translation of the Portuguese article linked below.


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